The Voice of God Inside a Boy’s Body

I met Mozart by chance, one cold Sunday afternoon during my ten-year-stay in Costa Rica when I went to see a movie dubbed “Elvira Madigan” expecting a story about love and ever-lasting romance.  The love I found in this film, was the love of music—of classical music. I was nineteen-years-old then.

Elvira Madigan is a 1967 Swedish film, based on the tragedy of the Danish tightrope dancer Hedvig Jensen, working under the stage name of Elvira Madigan at her stepfather’s traveling circus, who runs away with the deserter Swedish lieutenant Sixten Sparre.  I didn’t think much of the motion picture; but the background music was nothing I had heard before.  It was like listening to the voice of God flowing out from the mind of this gifted man. Ever since, Mozart has been with me—even to this day.

The soundtrack of Elvira Madigan features Géza Anda playing the Andante from Piano Concerto No. 21 in C by Mozart, which is now popularly known as the “Elvira Madigan” Concerto; as well as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Below is a YouTube documentary of Mozart’s life produced by the BBC of London prepared in three parts.

Part One:  Miracle of Nature

Part Two:  A Passion For The Stage

Part Three:  The First Romantic

Each part is approximately one hour long, but you will not the ticking of the clock, since you will be carried away by the beauty of Mozart’s music.  It’s like being withdrawn into a private world saturated with sounds of the most exquisite quality.  Joy, pain, love, grief, bitterness and bliss are brilliantly exposed in Mozart’s work.

During his final years in Vienna, he composed many of his best-known symphonies, concertos, and operas, and portions of the Requiem, which was largely unfinished at the time of his death. The circumstances of his early death have been much mythologized. He was survived by his wife Constanze and two sons.  Mozart was only 35 when he died, much too young and with so much inside his head to share with us.

Joseph Haydn wrote that “posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years.”  Good Day.

One thought on “The Voice of God Inside a Boy’s Body”

  1. While performing in Sweden with her stepfather’s circus, she met a Swedish cavalry officer, Lieutenant Count Bengt Edvard Sixten Sparre (27 September 1854 – 20 July 1889). Sparre and Madigan fell in love, but their love was impossible, partly due to the fact that Sparre was married and the father of two children. After exchanging love letters for a year, they ran away together to Denmark in June 1889, where they spent about a month. When they ran out of money, they packed a picnic basket, went out to the Nørreskov (“North forest”) on the island Tåsinge , Denmark, and had a last meal, after which Sparre shot Madigan and himself with his service revolver. Madigan was 21 years old and Sparre 35 years old.

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