Netflix Jinx

Credit: Netflix Corporation

For several months I have been enjoying Netflix films and documentaries originated in the United States using a Mozilla Firefox extension called Hola Unblocker version 1.1.338.  This ingenious piece of software removes region locks and allows you to watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hula, Pandora, and more regardless of where you live. It doesn’t require any set up and works right out of the box.

Everything was going smooth and well until yesterday afternoon when I tried to stream a movie from Netflix.  Even though I tried for over an hour, all I got was a white screen with the following message:  “Internal Server Error”.  That’s all.  If I disable the Firefox extension, then I will return to the normal Netflix database dedicated for South America.  Unfortunately their content is not as rich or recent as that of the United States.

If anybody out there has found a way to solve this problem, please let me know.  I’m not feeling very happy at this moment.  The smile on my face has faded away.  Good Day.

Edition:  A short while ago I returned to Netflix and attempted to see if the problem was fixed.  Indeed it was.  Now everything is fine and I’m back to business as usual.  There is a bright smile on my face.  Just to let you know.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Netflix Jinx”

  1. I too enjoy Netflix. Last Wednesday through Saturday, my Netflix feed was giving me an error message that the program that I wanted to watch was not available at this time and to try another program or try again later. I was unable to get any program and was an unhappy camper. Long story short, after calls to my internet provider and Netflix, the problem mysterlously was corrected after unplugging my Panasonic BluRay and TV set for 10 seconds. Grrrrrr! Who really knows for sure what fixed the problem?

  2. Morning Dee:

    Technology is great, but sometimes it can be a pain in the neck. I’m glad we got our problems fixed. I’m currently enjoying a documentary on Winston Churchill and his problems in convincing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to help the British cause. I love history.



  3. Oh, good! I was going to suggest you go to the Firefox help page and search the forums with “Hola unblocker”. I didn’t read them, but there were others who were posting about their problems. As these things go, now you don’t have to search for a fix. Hooray!

  4. Morning Linda:

    Problem solved. Netflix means a lot to me. It’s like having a private university in my own home. Their historic documentaries are outstanding. I’m glad the dark clouds hovering overhead are now gone.



  5. Whew! I, too, get unexplained errors from Netflix, not many but enough to make me think it is just “growing pains” for Netflix expanding its coverage. Fortunately I have much more patience than my grand kids. I am still trying to explain to one of my grand daughters why Netflix removed Fresh Beat Band from its line up. 🙂

  6. Hi Jim and Nena:

    Sure am relieved that the problem is over. I love the historic documentaries of Netflix. It’s almost like having a private university inside your home. For $7.99 it’s a bargain.

    The U.S. version is a lot better than the Latin-American version by far. That’s why I cherish Firefox’s extension so much.



    1. I had to spend the afternoon rewatching the Secrets of the Dead program on Churchill! 🙂
      If you search Netflix for “secrets” you get several programs from the series, all of them good viewing.
      The Churchill episode is scary to watch in that all the events happened is such a short time frame. Fifty-four days is an eye blink in history.

  7. Morning Jim and Nena;

    Coincidentally I watched yesterday morning, a documentary on Churchill and his decision to destroy several French war ships anchored in an Egyptian port in an effort to prevent the Nazis from seizing and adding them to their fleet. More than 1,500 young French sailers died. Churchill was devastated by the killings, but it was a hard decision he had to take in order to survive Hiltler’s attacks.

    Shortly afterwards, FDR “loaned” fifty destroyers to England which were badly needed to contain the German invasion across the channel. I love those Netflix documentaries. As I mentioned before, it’s like having your own private university at home.



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