Looking Through a Window of Reality

Approximately five years ago, I discovered the word “blog” (Web log) and started an adventure of writing for the world using the Cloud as my conduit.  My first blog was called “Epiac’s Place” and the platform that I used then was Life Journal.  I started with zero readers (literally).  The only reader for several months was myself, but I kept on.  My wife would nudge me to continue saying that somebody else would come someday when it was least expected.  As the saying goes, “if you build it they will come”.  

Over the years readers started coming.  The number of people who have read my blog, which is now “Lingua Franca”,  is over one million.  The number is growing even as we speak.  When I jumped into WordPress, I wanted to insert pictures together with my writings.  I was enamored with the work of Abraham Lincoln  and Don Ray (Chiriqui Chatter); two dedicated bloggers that had—and still do— superb blogs.  Their well-thought out blogs attracted me to picture taking  To this day, I read them daily.  This is how good they are.

By trial and error, I started inserting pictures into my blog posts.  The next step was to buy myself a camera and take my own pictures.  That was quite a challenge.  I didn’t know which camera to buy; the options were staggering.  Anyway, to make a long story short, I finally decided on a compact point-and-shoot camera identified as Canon PowerShot A720 IS.  Every week I went out on photo-walks taking pictures and to this date I haven’t stopped.

To improve the quality of my snapshots (they haven’t reached the quality of photographs yet), I’ve read three photography digital books and dozens of photography Internet articles about famous professional photographers.  My two idols are Ansel Adams and Henry Cartier-Bresson.  Oh…, I would also like to add the eccentric nanny turned photographer to the list.  Her street photography is amazing and deserve a space in this blog post.  Her name is Vivian Maier.

Several days ago, I happened into another professional photographer which struck a chord inside me.  His name is Sam Abell.  Sam Abell is a professional photographer working for National Geographic.  In a magnificent video entitled National Geographic Live!:  The Life of a Photograph, Sam Abell offers a look inside the heart and mind of a master photographer.

His images are mesmerizing and his poetic narration is even better.  This powerful video has rekindled my passion for this window of reality called photography.  These guys are the ones who provide the gasoline to keep me going like the Energizer bunny.  And now you know why I love to take snapshots.  Some day they will be called photographs.

Oh, one more thing…, I also acquired a DSLR camera which is another step forward in my picture-taking process.  This camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Good Day.


4 thoughts on “Looking Through a Window of Reality”

  1. And we’re all happy to follow along as you share your words and pictures! I’m glad to know what camera you have, too. Someday I may be able to afford a new one, and I’m keeping a little list of the ones people use so that I can do some research when the time is right.

  2. Morning Linda:

    I like those words, “when the time is right”. I hope soon the time will be right for you to acquire a new “camera obscura”. I love your pictures with the camera that you currently have. Together with your powerful words, the output is any serious reader’s delight.



  3. My knee-jerk reaction to breaking into instructional photography books is ‘DON’T’. Not on competitive grounds, which you might think would be my natural reaction, but because there are hundreds of books out there, most of them pathetic and written by people who are not professional photographers.

  4. Kate Hopewell Smith’s love of photography started when she moved from a career in brand marketing to start a family and got a D80 for Christmas. Her shortcut to professional success was to sign up for the world-renowned bespoke programme with Aspire Photography Training . Now, after two years as a pro she now is back at Aspire – teaching their popular Seductive Boudoir course. See more of her stunning pictures .

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