Snapshot of swings for children at the Coastal Strip in Panama City, Panama. Notice the sturdy and strong frames of the swings against the fragile and slender palm trees in the background swayed by the sea breeze of the Pacific Ocean nearby. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of special swings for handicapped children at a playground at the Coastal Strip in Panama City, Panama. You can see part of the Old Shell of the city in the background surrounded by sea water. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.



4 thoughts on “Swings”

  1. Morning Omar,
    Your photographic eye just continues to develop. I love the composition of the first photo and the caption. The differences between man and nature – man creates something which refuses to yield to the forces around it, nature creates something which endures whatever forces threaten it. Great photo and a good lesson.

    1. Morning Jim and Nena:

      “Practice makes perfection”. I haven’t stopped taking pictures for at least three years now. It’s a hobby that means a lot to me, now that I’m retired.

      The Coastal Strip is a dramatic contrast to the glass, cement and steel composition of the city. Grass, flowers, plants, and trees are a relief to the sore eye after a hard day’s work. It is really appreciated by the city dwellers.



  2. I’ve never seen a swing for handicapped kids like that. They may be around, I’ve just missed them. In any event, what a good idea.

    Those tall palms in the first photo – are they new, or is it common to brace trees like that? We don’t usually see such bracing unless the trees are newly planted. There were a lot of braced palm trees around in the past year, as the recovery from hurricane Ike continues. (The landscaping usually is the last step in the process, of course.)

  3. Hello Linda:

    Since this phase of the Coastal Strip is still under construction, everything is new, even the grass, plants and trees. The palm trees were recently planted when I took the shot. That is why they have the brace appearance. Soon they will look like normal tropical palm trees. The area is very green which contrasts with the gray of the highways and some old buildings.



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