Netflix is Dumping Silverlight for HTML5

It’s now in the open that Microsoft is in talks with Netflix to replace Silverlight with HTML5 to stream its generous database of movies. The Next Web reports that Netflix is switching out Silverlight for HTML5 and it has Microsoft to thank for making it possible.

Specifically, the report says that Netflix “has been working closely with the Internet Explorer team to implement its proposed ‘Premium Video Extensions’ in IE11 on Windows 8.1, meaning if you install the operating system preview released today, you can watch Netflix content using HTML5 right now.”

 Netflix is hoping that the switch to HTML5 away from the proprietary Silverlight will make it easier to stream content across many different browsers, including Firefox and Chrome.

I’m a passionate Netflix user, so this new alternative is interesting to follow.  Let’s wait and see what happens when the dust finally settles down.  Good Day.


One thought on “Netflix is Dumping Silverlight for HTML5”

  1. The movie-streaming service has used the Microsoft plug-in to deliver streaming content to Windows and Mac OS X computers since 2008. But after Microsoft announced last month that it would end support of the browser versions of the plug-in by 2021, it became clear Netflix needs to start focusing on a replacement.

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