Women in the Battlefront

I recently read in the news that women will be allowed to go to war in the same way and perils that men actually do.  It raised my eyebrows, not because women are under performers, but because war is not a natural scenario for women.  If we are having problems with sexual assaults on women in the military today, imagine what will happen when men and women take part in the front line combat zones.  I feel uneasy on this recent change in policy.

Women may be able to start training as Army Rangers by mid-2015 and as Navy SEALs a year later under plans set to be announced by the Pentagon. Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta last January lifted the 1994 Combat Exclusion Rule that restricted women from serving in front line infantry, armor and special operations units and set a January 2016 compliance deadline. The concept of a front line became blurred in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as women serving in other units also became the targets of roadside bombs and attacks. To date, almost 150 military women have died in those wars.

The plans would slowly bring women into thousands of combat jobs, including those in the country’s elite special operations forces.

Details of the plans were obtained by The Associated Press. They call for requiring women and men to meet the same physical and mental standards to quality for certain infantry, armor, commando and other front-line positions across the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

The plans were reviewed by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who has ordered the services to move ahead.  I don’t this is a wise decision and we might regret it in the future. Good Day.

Credit:  Yahoo News


3 thoughts on “Women in the Battlefront”

  1. Morning Omar,
    I wish I could decide what my position on this issue. I have met Israeli women soldiers whom I think are the equal of any guy. And nature gives us many examples of the ferocity of the female of several species. Get between any mom and her offspring to witness how savage an attack can become.
    When it comes to humans and war, I think nature may not be the best example.

  2. Hello Jim and Nena:

    When I read the article, I also thought about the Israeli female soldiers. As far as I know they have performed well. Of course Israel is a case by itself. They are fighting for their existence surrounded by ferocious foes full of violence and hatred.

    I don’t know, but deep down I feel the United States is not yet ready to allow women to go and fight in the front lines. I guess time will tell if my apprehensions are ill founded.



  3. sallymae: I hate to tell you guys, but as a WOMAN VETERAN, we serve and do the same jobs as MEN and get the same pay OR HIGHER than men. Women outrank men, and there are more women officers than men. If you’re too insecure to handle that, then prove it. Put on a pair of combat boots and grow some!

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