Snapshot of a blanket of pink flowers wrapping the fence around a tennis court at the Coastal Strip in Panama City, Panama. A bit of red adds to the charm of the site. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Pink”

  1. Shoot. I’m not even that fond of pink and I think these are pretty! And I think the red ones are bromeliads. Here, we call them exotics and sell them for lots of money in the grocery stores – especially for father’s day, since they’re apparently considered a flower a father can appreciate without being thought “girly”. (The American merchandising establishment is so silly.)

  2. Morning Linda:

    The American merchandising establishment is just trying to grab your hard-earned money from your pocket. In my opinion, usually they do a good job. People are buying things they really don’t need our of peer pressure and a blitzkrieg of ads.

    BTW, next Sunday is Father’s Day in Panama.



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