Polishing Up My Toyota Corolla

As you probably know, owning a car is like having a hole in your pocket.  Money is always dripping from the hole.  No matter how hard you try to keep the money from escaping from your pockets, the dripping continues.  If you stop spending on the maintenance of your car, it will eventually stop and say “No mas, no mas”, and you’re cajoled into buying a new buggy.  For a retiree like me, the option of buying a new vehicle is almost non-existent, unless you want to become a prisoner of a greedy bank.  I’ve made a promise to keep away from those guys.  Been there, done that.

Anyway, going back to my story, last Monday I went to Chapistar to have the four rings of my Toyota Corolla 2006 painted.  They were getting rusty due to the salty air in Panama City and a new coat of paint was badly needed.  Chapistar was asking $200.00 to remove the rust and paint four rings with polyurethane paint.  I thought it was pretty steep, but it was necessary.  We counted our hard-earned pennies and decided to give it a Go.  Five days later, I went to pick up my car and it looked like a new buggy; the rings were sparkling clean and good-looking.

To complete the overall appearance of the vehicle, I went over to El Machetazo where we usually buy our stuff, and purchased four valve caps with a bright scarlet color.  It was pretty jazzy for my taste, but it was the only color they had on hand, and I wasn’t willing to spend more gasoline looking for conservative-looking valve caps.  I bought them.

Below are several pictures of my Toyota Corolla 2006 with its recently painted rings and the four scarlet-color valve caps.  Here we go.  I know these pictures will some day make me famous.  (Tongue-in-Cheek)

Snapshot of one of the four rings that were painted by Chapistar for a total cost of $200.00. I’m still feeling the pain in my right-hand pocket. Ouch! They did a nice job, though. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
A close up shot of the bright-red valve caps which I recently purchased for my car. I paid $0.25 for each one. That I can easily afford, if you understand what I mean. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

The next maintenance job will be on March 21, 2013 (next Thursday).  Toyo Movil (a small Toyota truck) will come to our house to change the engine oil, the oil filter, and other small maintenance touches.  I also requested a complete clean up of the engine called “Motor Flush” which consists of draining all the oil from the engine, removing the sludge deposited at the bottom, and flushing the engine with a special cleaning chemical.  According to the Toyota people, this will enhance the efficiency of the motor.

The cost of this maintenance if $100.00.  As I said earlier, having a car is not for the faint of heart.  Good Day.


6 thoughts on “Polishing Up My Toyota Corolla”

  1. Dear Omar,

    I couldn’t extol any higher on the excellent quality of Toyota cars as I used to drive one years ago – until it had to be sold in exchange for a Kia car. Very big mistake.

    “Owning a car is like having a hole in your pocket and certainly not for the faint of heart.” You couldn’t have said it any better, Omar. And that is why I’ve opted to become a jeepney rider in the last few years. 🙂

    My fond memories driving a Toyota still lingers, though.

    Warm Regards,

  2. Hello Marj:

    If this financial hemorrhage keeps on going, I’m seriously thinking of traveling through the city using the Metro buses or the upcoming subway. As the Toyota ages, I’m sure the expenditures will rise proportionally or perhaps even more.

    Maybe being a jeepney rider is a wise decision. I fully believe women are better managers than men.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.


  3. I’m taking my wonderful Princess in on Saturday for her 10,000 mile service. I wish it had come a little sooner – it would have meant I’d been out and about more! But, work comes first, travel second.

    This is my third Toyota, and a wonderful one she is. My biggest problem right now is keeping her clean in the spring pollen season!

  4. Hi Linda:

    Like the name, “Princess” for a car. Sounds very much like you. I see that you prefer Japanese instead of American cars. Mmmm. Interesting.

    My previous automobile was a Bluebird manufactured by Nissan. I bought it second hand for $5,300.00. Used it for 25 years and sold it for $1,900.00. It was a wonderful car, but it was getting extremely difficult to find spare parts when it broke down. I almost cried when the man paid me and the car disappeared on the next corner. Never seen it again. It was light blue and purred like a spoiled kitten.

    Warm Regards,


  5. If you think a car is a hole in your pocket, try owning a boat. It has been described as standing under a cold shower while tearing up $100 bills.

  6. Morning Richard:

    Yep, I guess you’re right. Never owned boat, but knew other who did and were always complaining of the never ending expenses. Between both options, I’ll take the car anytime.



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