Poem: Best Friends

“Running out the back door, wanting eyes and curly hair.
Searching for the shadows that somehow dance in the sunlight.
Looking for the breeze that will take me farther than my eyes can see.

The wind seem to know how to sing songs.
Whistling hymns through their branches and hum melodies with their leaves.
Every breath in Nature’s lungs is such a gift to me.
The more I dance in Nature’s arms, the more I crave to touch.

The way the brook steadies itself down the winding path.
Not knowing what is around each bend, it smiles and quickly passed.

I’ve watched the fields of grain bend in the wind storms and waltzes in the rain.
Felt the tickle of meadow grass slip slowly past my palm,
and dance along my fingertips, leaving traces of the dawn.

Swirls of white winter snow sweeping through the trees.
The cold cruising into the soul of life, and yet,
the sun still shines and the song birds still sing.

It’s been my greatest teacher, Nature, with her lessons on life.
People seem to come and go, no matter how hard you pray for them to stay.
Nature is my best friend.  She’ll never run away.
The more I dance in Nature’s arms, the more I crave her touch.”

By:  Kiesha Crowther


4 thoughts on “Poem: Best Friends”

  1. Dear Omar,

    “People seem to come and go, no matter how hard you pray for them to stay.
    Nature is my best friend. She’ll never run away.”

    My favorite lines in the poem. No wonder I enjoy nature best when I am alone.
    Thank you for sharing this, my friend. I hope you are doing well.

    With affection,

  2. Hi Marj:

    Nothing compares with the power of Nature. It is only inside the arms of Nature where we communicate freely with ourselves and with infinity.

    The powerful black and white photographs of Ansel Adams are a typical example of the power of the wilderness.



  3. Lovely poem. It occurs to me that some of what appears to be over-the-top emotion around issues of climate change and such may be based in a sudden fear that nature may not always be here – certainly, not as the companionable friend we’ve always known.

    I’m heartily sick of being lectured by people like Al Gore, but there’s no question that the time has come for us to be a better friend to nature than we have been.

  4. Morning Linda:

    As much as I appreciate progress and technology, I can’t help but being apprehensive at the deterioration of our planet in the name of progress. Panama is a like a beehive right now with construction sites everywhere. That’s well and good, but I’m not sure if our authorities are taking into consideration the impact on nature of these constructions.

    The melting of our polar caps is not a hoax it is true. We have two cities which are having considerable problem with rising sea levels. One is the town of Puerto Caimito and Colon City. Both communities have been hit hard by ferocious waves. This is something new.



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