Major Web Browsers Worldwide Usage – February 2013

Fresh statistics have been released into the wild by Net Applications for February 2013.  Net Applications’ statistics are based on the activity of about 160 million visitors per month to Web sites using its services.

These are the latest figures on the performance of the behemoths of the Internet as far as web browsing is concerned.

  1. Internet Explorer: 55.82 – 55.14 = 0.68 percent
  2. Firefox:  20.12 – 19.94 = 0.18 percent
  3. Chrome:  16.27 – 17.48 = 1.21 percent
  4. Safari:  5.42 – 5.24 = 0.18 percent
  5. Opera:  1.82 – 1.75 = 0.07 percent
  6. Others:  0.54 – 0.45 = 0.09 percent


There was a great surprise from Net Applications’ numbers.  All the players received a green score except, Chrome which slid backwards a walloping 1.21 percent.  Even though Google has broken the $800.00 per share landmark, and making all the right decisions, users are not taking the bait.  Microsoft Internet Explorer did very well advancing forward 0.68 percent.

Mozilla’s Firefox  continues to hold its ground.  It edged forward 0.18 increasing its distance from a sliding Chrome.  So far it has shown its resiliency holding a solid second place despite the ferocious attacks from Google’s camp.

Google Chrome was the only loser last month.  It’s the only player who won a red medal which is a bad sign.  Losing 1.21 percentage points in 30 days is a bad omen.  I’m sure they are seriously discussing what can be done to allure more users into its camp.  It was doing well, until the word spread out that Google was taking a look at the private surfing information of Chrome users.  An invasion of privacy is something people will not accept.

Apple Safari gained 0.18 percentage points in February.  The unexpected acceptance of the mini iPad tablet worldwide is indisputable and this success will positively affect the spread of Safari.  This means more users of Safari and a better a market share place in the future.

Norwegian Opera is struggling to keep its hard-earned global market share.  It moved forward 0.07 which is admirable, considering that they are fighting against formidable adversaries..  It’s not a big secret that the real action is in the mobile and tablets industry where it’s a serious contender.  Good Day.

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