Mozilla is Dead Serious About Crushing Malware

Credit: Mozilla Corporation

In an effort to prevent “drive-by exploitations,” upcoming versions of Firefox will have Java, Adobe Reader and Silverlight disabled by default, according to a recent Mozilla Security blog. All other third-party plugins except Flash will also be disabled, requiring users to enable them using the so-called click to play feature introduced last year. All that is to prevent “poorly designed” Firefox plugins from crashing or recent headline-grabbing exploits involving the likes of Java, with Adobe’s Flash player being the one exception that works out of the box—though versions longer of tooth than 10.3 won’t see daylight without your say-so.

This is music to my ears, because Mozilla Firefox is my default browser.  As a precautionary move I have installed Google Chrome and Norwegian Opera as a backup, but am not crazy about their performance.  Any step to crush slack codes is good news for me.  Good Day.


One thought on “Mozilla is Dead Serious About Crushing Malware”

  1. Oh, I am with you on this! The latest Java business got me familiar with the back end of Firefox in a way I hadn’t been, and I’m even happier with it now.

    When I upgraded there were some small problems with things like scrolling, but I roamed around the forums for a while and got some tips. Now, everything is working perfectly and I’m really happy!

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