The Twisters are not very fond of nuts.  Aura, my wife, always buys a bag or two of assorted nuts for Christmas.  I’m not really a fan of nuts, but if they’re available, I’ll eat a few.  In my opinion, nuts are for the squirrels.

Anyway, when the Twisters stormed our house the night before Christmas, they sieged the fridge and almost depleted our stock of goodies there.  But there was one thing, they left untouched—a dish of assorted nuts.  They left it intact.  They ate nothing, naught, nil, nix, zero, zip, nada.

So we are enjoying our Christmas nuts as previously intended.  We are adding some of them to our morning Corn Flakes; “they” say it’s good for your digestion or something like that.

Below are a couple of pictures of a heap of remnants Christmas nuts disdained by the Twisters.  Here we go.

Snapshot of a dish with assorted nuts which my wife acquired for our Christmas dinner. The Twisters passed on this one. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

7 thoughts on “Nuts”

  1. Morning Omar,
    I love nuts! (Those folks labeling me as “squirrelly” may be onto something?) But if Panama has a flaw, it is lack of pecans.
    Pecans have good nutritional value, lowering cholesterol, etc. but the plain fact is, they are delicious. If we lived in Panama, I would have to establish a monthly delivery of pecans. We have pecan trees throughout our neighborhood and Texas is very big in pecan production. I think it is still our state tree?
    Gotta go now, I think I remember seeing some leftover pecan pie in the fridge! 🙂

    1. Morning Jim & Nena:

      Go ahead my friend and enjoy your Texas pecans, you can be sure the Twisters will keep their distance. I don’t know, but I never developed a taste for nuts.

      Having said that, this morning we had some nuts with our Corn Flakes. Cereals are good for our health.

      Warm Regards,


  2. I’ve become addicted to nuts! So much so, just thinking about them makes my mouth water. I have to restrict myself to one handful as an afternoon snack, but they keep me happy and satisfied until supper time. Yay nuts! (I admit I buy the shelled kind, though)

  3. Omar:
    Lo que falta en esa mesa es “cashews”, muy populares por acá . Que sorpresa cuando me enteré que cashews son pepitas de marañón “asadas” de la misma manera que yo hacia cuando niño despues de hacer “bicheras” en los árboles de marañón en los lotes baldíos cerca de la casa. La fruta misma ni se conoce y la mayoría no sabe de donde vienen los cashews.

  4. Hola Jaime:

    Acá los botamos en los potreros y luego los compramos caro en latas. La marca Planters es muy popular en Panamá.

    Siempre los conocí como “pepitas de marañón”, pero entiendo que el nombre correcto es “anacardos”.



  5. Like Jim and Nena, pecans are my thing – but I prefer the natives to the varieties bred for size, thin shells, etc. There’s nothing more fun that taking 50 pounds of pecans to be cracked, and then picking them out yourself while watching a movie. It’s slow, but the price is right. Of course, windfall pecans are the best – free!

    I love almonds, hickory nuts, pecans and pistachios. Well, and cashews, although I htink I remember they aren’t a true nut. You can have walnuts and black walnuts, though – I’m allergic to them and they make me itch!

    1. Hi Linda:

      I see that nuts are very popular in the United States. Here in Panama they are only purchased by a small group of people, probably from abroad.

      As Jaime said, cashews are grown in Central and South American countries. They grow wild and are commonly used to build live fences in cattle ranches. These trees are called “árbol de marañón” and the fruit has a hanging nut on the bottom. This nut is exported to the United States where it is processed, consumed locally, or exported as a finished product.

      In Spanish, cashews are called “anacardos”. BTW, Planters is a well known brand of cashews in Panama.

      Warm Regards,


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