The Snow Timeless Black and White Pictures of Lionel Orriols

One of a collection of twenty photographs by self taught French professional photographer, Lionel Orriols, identified as “Snow Timeless.” Credit: Photography

In the field of photography, black and white pictures stand out as something special if you know how to do it right.  Amsel Adams surely had the skills to display brilliant works of art in his pictures of the American West.  Others have followed the path producing jaw dropping photographs as well.

Yesterday afternoon, I happened into the magnificent work of Lionel Orriols.  If you are not familiar with this name, let me say that he is a self taught French professional photographer born in 1972 in Gap, Hautes-Alpes and currently living in Lozère, France, highly passionate about nature. Working primary in black and white his photography spans several genres including nature landscapes, seascapes, snowscapes, architecture and abstract.

When asked to talk about his style of photography, he answered: “I started in 1999 but it’s only a few years later that I rediscovered the black and White and, above all, the long exposure time technique that allows me to express my sensibility. For me, to photograph means stopping time and share with others these seconds of eternity.

I gently encourage you to click here to enjoy twenty exquisite photographs of Lionel Orriols, all linked to the beauty of immaculate white snow.  It’s amazing how Lionel is able to create beauty with only two simple colors—black and white.

This is how he describes this delicate piece of artwork.  “I think my photos reflect my dream minimalist and sometimes dark vision of the world that surrounds us. They are a big mix of my intimate feelings that I try to reveal by creating with the light. The snowy landscapes show the solitude, calm and beauty of these places. These pictures are not reality, they express what I feel and what I imagine at the present time.”

Source:  Snow Timeless by Lionel Orriols – Photography


One thought on “The Snow Timeless Black and White Pictures of Lionel Orriols”

  1. What a lovely gift you’ve given us. These photos show snow as I remember it – this is the appeal of snow for people who’ve moved away from it. It’s hard to describe, but here you can see it!

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