The Saga of Flawed Apple Maps App Continues

No matter how hard Apple is trying to iron out the wrinkles of its deficient Maps application, the problem doesn’t seem to fade away.  Instead it’s getting bad publicity in other parts of the world.  This time, the faulty software is hitting the headlines in Australia’s newspapers in a bad way.

The people from the “land down under” are fuming about the crippled software after being led to an arid land in the middle of nowhere infested with snakes.

Australian police have warned travelers from using Apple’s flawed iPhone Map software after several motorists became stuck in a snake-infested, desert corner of the country while using their phone for driving directions.

Instead of reaching the tourist town of Mildura, tourists were misled to the arid Murray Sunset National Park, a relatively dry region accessible only by four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Book, apologized to customers last September for problems with the new mobile mapping application and suggested they use a rival product from Google until the bugs had been crushed  The application is built for the iPhone, but works just fine on an iPad too.  Google Maps is free and available even as we speak.  Google Maps is now available for iOS devices.

Apple also fired top executives behind the faulty software, and handed responsibility for software and hardware design to industrial design guru Jonathan Ive to fix the fiasco.

Credit: Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs in his time had to tackle the Antennagate fiasco and had to give away rubber covers for the faulty iPhone antenna; now Tim Cook is having a nightmare with a pesky Mapsgate.  When you’re number one, everyone is looking at you and your performance like a fish in a bowl.  Good Day.

Source:  Australian police warn against using Apple Maps due to stranded motorists – CBS News

2 thoughts on “The Saga of Flawed Apple Maps App Continues”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if these gadget manufacturers fall prey to a disease akin to the one that afflicts the media. The media fight to get a story first, and get it wrong. The companies fight to bring something to market too soon, and get it wrong. Live and learn, I guess!

  2. Hi Linda:

    You are right. Technology company practice what is called “planned obsolescence”. As soon as product is launched, its replacement is in the pipeline, and this rush to market is the root of many crippled products. The consumer is the one paying the bill and the headaches.

    I have a GPS in my car to help me out with the new highways in Panama. I have no need for Google Maps or Apple Maps, but I realize that many people use these applications, like the motorists in Australia.

    Warm Regards,


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