Hunting For Windows Ads

As a hobby, I like to go out to the city and look for attractive ad displayed on stores’ windows.  It’s amazing what you will find.  Panama is a highly developed commercial hub, and depend on creative marketing to move their huge deposits of merchandise.  The Colon Free Zone is the second largest in the region, moving millions of dollars worth of merchandise from all corners of the world.

If a new product is launched anywhere in the globe, you can be sure, it will be displayed in Panama in a few days.  For example, yesterday I saw the new Apple iPad mini.  I even held it in my hand and played with the screen for while.  The salesperson told me they were selling like hotcakes, albeit the price is pretty steep—$499 plus a seven percent sales tax.  Ouch!

Going back to my subject of today’s blog post, below are two snapshots of attractive ads I found in a recent foray into El Dorado malls about 2 miles from my home.  I thought they were we excellent.  What do you think?

Snapshot of Polo sportswear ad displayed outside a store in Panama City, Panama. I really liked the composition of this ad, including the horse in the middle of the picture. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
The movement of the subject captured my attention. This is a very dynamic picture and the black and white colors add to the activity of the subject. Take a look at his floating hair. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Hunting For Windows Ads”

  1. Well, speaking just for me, my negative associations with Ralph Lauren and Polo are so strong I would think of any ad they produced in negative terms. Even if it weren’t a Polo ad I wouldn’t find it attractive – but then, I’m not in their target audience!

    I like the second very much. It is a great photo. And I must say – every time I see a really good skateboarder I think, “How do they DO that?” 😉

  2. Hi Linda:

    I also liked the second pictures for the movement it displays. To be honest with you, I also enjoyed the first picture. All the laughing faces and the good time the kids seem to be enjoying gave me a nice feeling.

    I’m not their target market either. 🙂



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