Steve Jobs’ Vision and The iPad

Credit: Apple Inc.

Some people are capable of only looking as far as their tip of their nose; while others are able to envision the vastness of the Universe.  Visionaries such as Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci or Albert Einstein belong to this unique intellectual elite.

When Steve Jobs came up with the iPad tablet, nobody thought it would be an instant hit, not even the consumers themselves felt there was a need for such a gadget.  Steve Jobs created a product out of the blue, that people never thought they needed, less alone cough some money at it.  A new industry was created and instantly everybody followed suit.

I resisted the temptation and looked the other way in an effort to avoid the “herd syndrome”.  I told myself there was no need for an iPad for Yours Truly.  Instead I purchased an Amazon Kindle Fire.  It was a horrible decision.  I was in for a deep disappointment.  The gadget was restricted to a few features such as reading electronic books, browsing the web and viewing and listening to YouTube videos.  The rich content of newspapers, magazines, movies, and TV shows were only possible if you lived inside the United States and owned a U.S. credit card.  (Omar frowns!)

These are the official words from about the Kindle Fire tablet obtained from their official Web site:

“With a U.S. credit card, you will be able to purchase new apps and music for Kindle Fire HD while you are abroad.  To purchase, download, or stream movies and TV shows, you must be physically present in the United States and have a U.S. billing address.”

As Apple bombarded the Internet and other media outlets, I learned more and more about the iPad, and slowly the itch of owning one grew inside my head.  Finally, I succumbed to the song of the mermaid and swiped the card.  I paid a high price for my iPad—almost $550.  That is a lot of money for a retiree in this part of the world, but the mermaids were singing like angels.

For several months, I’ve read the manual and searched under the hood to discover its rich features.  Now I realize it was an excellent deal.  The iPad is a full-fledged computer with a generous amount of apps; in fact, too many for my meager needs.  The more I read, the more I realize what a great piece of equipment this popular juggernaut really is, and how vast was the vision of Steve Jobs.

Below is the Table of Contents of Apple’s iPad PDF Owners Manual for iOS 6 software (third generation) with the much touted Retina Display:

  1. Chapter 1:  iPad at a Glance
  2. Chapter 2:  Getting Started
  3. Chapter 3:  Basics
  4. Chapter 4:  Siri
  5. Chapter 5:  Safari
  6. Chapter 6:  Mail
  7. Chapter 7:  Messages
  8. Chapter 8:  Facetime
  9. Chapter 9:  Camera
  10. Chapter 10:  Photos
  11. Chapter 11:  Photo Booth
  12. Chapter 12:  Videos
  13. Chapter 13:  Calendar
  14. Chapter 14:  Contacts
  15. Chapter 15:  Notes
  16. Chapter 16:  Reminders
  17. Chapter 17:  Clock
  18. Chapter 18:  Maps
  19. Chapter 19:  Music
  20. Chapter 20:  i Tunes Store
  21. Chapter 21:  App Store
  22. Chapter 22:  Newstand
  23. Chapter 23:  iBooks
  24. Chapter 24:  Podcasts
  25. Chapter 25:  Game Center
  26. Chapter 26:  Accessibility
  27. Chapter 27:  Settings
  28. Appendix A:  iPad in Business
  29. Appendix B:  International Keyboard
  30. Appendix C:  Safety, Handling & Support

As you can see, the iPad has an extensive use and certainly worth its salt.  I’m focusing on the use of Siri, the voice activated feature, and photography apps.  The resolution of the Retina Display is as good as Apple says it is, or even better.  I’m still learning the ropes.  As I learn new tricks, I’ll share them with you right here at Lingua Franca.

Maybe you too will soon be listening to the sweet songs of the mermaids.  Good Day.

4 thoughts on “Steve Jobs’ Vision and The iPad”

  1. I thought about you yesterday when all the news reports were full of “the top ten searches” for cyber-Monday, the great computer-shopping day of the season. I can’t remember them all, but I did notice that three Amazon Kindle products landed in the top ten, and one or two i-gadgets. It seems the singing of those mermaids is getting louder!

  2. You already know I’m a Steve Jobs fan, so this is quite a fascinating post for me.
    The Ipad wasn’t an original creation of Jobs. For years, nobody had paid attention to it until he adopted, resurrected, and turned this particular gadget around. A business genius that he was, making a product desirable had always been his forte.
    I don’t own an Ipad yet. Not much into touchscreen features. My netbook with its keyboard is enough for me. For now. Someday perhaps.
    Still, I’m crazy about the guy who revolutionized such gadgets and made them all possible for us to possess and enjoy.

    Hope you’re doing great, Omar.

  3. Hi Marj;

    I too like to devour any news that comes out about the spectacular life of this one-of-a-kind genius of our time. I recently read his authorized bio written by Walter Isaacson in order to find out more about his highly controversial personal life and professional achievements. It was a marvelous reading experience. If you have time, I encourage you to read it.

    The Kindle version has a reasonable price and you can unload the e-book from Amazon in less than a minute.

    Warm Regards,


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