Apple Upgrades iOS 6.0 to Version 6.0.1

Credit: Apple Inc.

On October 23, 2012, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, made several product announcements such as an upgraded iMac, a new operating system called iOS 6, and the expected Apple iPad mini.  It was a great day for Apple, very similar to the product announcements made by the late Steve Jobs.

A few days later, Apple users were fuming over problems with their Maps application.  It was flawed and full of bugs, nothing like Google Maps.  The zealots were furious and their anger was felt on Tweeter, Facebook and other tech sites on the Internet.  The uproar was so intense that it pressured Tim Cook come out into the open and apologize for the flawed software and promised Apple would take care of the problem.

True to his word, on November 1, 2012, Apple released its first revision of iOS 6, entitled iOS 6.0.1, which as you would expect from such a lowly number, is all about bug fixes and performance updates to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users. That’s fine, and will come as good news for those affected by bugs it claims to fix.  Many of the bug fixes are related to the iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation).

The iPhone 5 apparently shipped with a bug that does not allow the device to receive over-the air updates.  For that reason, iPhone 5 users have to also download a patch to download iOS 6.0.1 through the setting app.  Kindly click here to see a gallery of the process to install iOS 6.0.1 on the iPhone 5.

I found out about this latest release in my iPad, because I discovered a small red circle in the middle of the Settings button.  When I pressed the button, I noticed there was a Software Update, from iOS 6.0 to version 6.0.1.  I was previously aware of the 6.0 version, but was reluctant to download it because there were Wi-Fi and Maps apps flaws.  It was cautious to wait and see if Apple would take care of them.  When I found out that the latest version was reliable, I went ahead and unloaded it.  It took about 15 minutes to complete the process.

After iOS 6.0.1 had been downloaded and installed, I noticed that the YouTube app had disappeared.  No problem, I went ahead and bookmarked it through Safari and went back to business as usual.  Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything special, except that the Maps app had been enhanced, but I don’t use this application much,  so it meant  nothing to me.  As far as I’m concerned, most of the improvement were made under the hood, not noticeable to the user.

A good news is that Siri is working in my iPad (third generation).  I’m still learning the ropes; it has a lovely feminine voice and understands my heavy Spanish accent.  To test the software I asked, “Siri, do I need and umbrella today?”, and the gorgeous voice told me “Yes” and provided several weather statistics.

You can set Siri to understand several languages which is very convenient if English is not your native language.  For example Siri has three different versions of Spanish, (e.g., Spanish Mexico, Spanish Spain and Spanish United States).  It also has four versions of English (e.g., English Australia, English Canada, English United Kingdom and English United States).  Interesting!

This is an area which I will concentrate on in the future.  I was aware that Apple had introduced Siri with the late iPhone 4S.  The software had caught on and is very popular among Apple iPhone users in the States.

To talk to Siri, press and hold the Home button and speak.  Siri also helps you get things done just by asking.  You can make a FaceTime call, send a message, dictate a note, or even find a restaurant.  I don’t know if you can do all these things in Panama, but will find out in the upcoming days.

And now you know that Apple had corrected the faulty software and is looking forward for new products and services in the future.  How well Apple will do under the leadership of Tim Cook, remains to be seen.  Its latest maps software was met with widespread frustration and ridicule over glaring mistakes.  Apple stunned investors when it announced the ouster of chief mobile software architect Scott Forstall and retail chief John Browett—the latter after six months on the job.

Some pundits agree that Forstall and Cook disagreed over the need to publicly apologize for its maps service embarrassment.  Cook flexed its muscle and got rid of Forstall and gave Jonathan Ives the new responsibility of overseeing the design of Apple’s software and hardware.  This will also be interesting to watch in Apple’s post Jobs era.

On November 2, 2012 Apple delivered the Apple iPad mini.  Tim Cook reversed Apple’s reluctance to enter the small-tablet market, lagging Amazon and Google, considering Apple was a pioneer in the tablet market in 2010.  Many Apple zealots found many features in the iPad mini to love it, but some features, like the display, left a bit to be desired.  Some Apple users are saying, “I’ll wait for the iPad mini Retina 2 to be released in the future (circa six months from now.” 

Did Cook make a wise decision?  We will see if there are small iPad minis inside the kids’ stockings during the upcoming holidays.  Good Day.


2 thoughts on “Apple Upgrades iOS 6.0 to Version 6.0.1”

  1. I’m beginning to feel about these gadgets like my mother felt about tv remotes and cordless phones. There’s no way I’ll ever catch up, so I might as well stop worrying about it. 😉

    I know they’re wonderful, but I just can’t get with the program (so to speak). Do I need an umbrella? I’ll look outside, or check the forecast. Need to find a restaurant? An address and a quick look at a paper map will do.

    It’s not snobbishness, or technophobia or any of that. I just haven’t yet felt I need any of this. So on we go – maybe I’ll ask one of my friends to let me play with her iPhone so I can experience the joy!

    Happy updates!

  2. Morning Linda:

    I know what you mean, but I can’t help being a technological geek. As long as these babies are coming out, and my budget is healthy, I’ll be coughing out the greenbacks and enjoying their features.

    For example, the GPS in my car has been a great advantage while driving in the city. Now I know exactly where the new speedways are taking me. Before that, I avoided them. For me technology rocks!

    Best Regards,


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