Poem: Autumn

The bright season of Autumn or Fall.


Resplendent hues appease my vision,
Fall has fulfilled its yearly mission,
Sporadic breezes blow leaves around,
Forming multi-colored patterns upon the ground.

Sparrows utter subtle sounds,
As frantic squirrels make their rounds,
Brisk weather chases summer’s bugs,
Emerald lawns become saffron rugs.

Children pile all the leaves they can muster,
Indian summer provides added luster,
Autumn is a season full of esteem,
It is a time of nature’s brightest gleam.

By: Eddie Dulian

2 thoughts on “Poem: Autumn”

  1. A beautiful photo, and a reminder of my current hope – that when I head north this week to visit my aunt in Kansas City, I’ll get to see some autumn! They say Oklahoma is about to reach its color peak, so my fingers are crossed.

    I’m taking my laptop but will be busy as can be, so if I’m sporadic in commenting, there’s nothing wrong – I’m just out seeing what can be seen!

  2. Hello Linda.

    Best of luck with you trip up north to a place called Kansas City. If you have time to spare, please take some pictures of fall in that area of the country.

    May your sojourn be most intensive, colorful, and productive. We will be here, waiting in the wings, for your safe return back home.

    Warm regards,


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