Artificial Breeze

If you have been following my blog posts, you already know that I recently installed an air conditioning system to placate the tropical heat of Panama´s hot and humid weather.  It’s now nice to sit in my home office and surf the Web to my heart’s content without feeling a drop of sweat.

We tried to do the same with our master bedroom, but no joy.    No matter how hard we tried to stretch the greenbacks, we just couldn’t afford another air conditioner.  Instead, we adapted to our pensionado budget and purchased a ceiling fan with a couple of lights bulbs to pop some light into the room.  Our old and faithful fan, had a broken blade and wasn’t working anymore.  A clumsy painter took care of damaging the fan which had cooled our evenings for a long time.  I wrote about it on September 2010—The Disposable Economy.

Our new fan looks gracious and provides a soft cool breeze during Panama’s tropical evenings.  I would say it’s excellent to placate the tropical temperatures till we get ourselves another air conditioner.  Meanwhile, we’re getting by just fine with the new fan.  Good Day.

Snapshot of a ceiling fan with five blades and a couple of light bulbs located in our master bedroom. We paid $102.69 for this puppy at El Dorado's Do-It-Center. Installation cost was $30.00. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

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