Latest Trend in Walking Shoes

Sandals have taken the city by storm by Panamanian women.  Before that, a few months back it was all kinds of boots models.  Now sandals is in for Panamanian women.

While visiting the airplane fair at the former Howard Air Force Base, I was able to capture a couple of women wearing the ubiquitous comfortable sandals obviously made for walking.

Take a look.

Snapshot of a pair of classy red walking shoes worn by a Panamanian women at an airplane fair recently organized by the Panama authorities---Servicio Aéreo Nacional of the Panama National Police. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Snapshot of a sample of sandals worn by Panamanian women in the latest fashion trend. One thing I can say, they are excellent for walking. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

2 thoughts on “Latest Trend in Walking Shoes”

  1. Hello Omar,

    Sandals are lovely but, eventually, the user may develop calcaneous pain, so orthopedists usually recommend wedges. I have found lovely sandal wedges by Crocs. Priscilla is the style that has helped me solve my problem, and they don´t look like crocodiles… Flats?, forget it… I post this experience here just in case it may help other women with heel pain.

    Warmest regards,


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