Major Web Browsers Worldwide Usage – August 2011

Fresh statistics have been released into the wild by Net Applications for August 2011.  Net Applications’ statistics are based on the activity of about 160 million visitors per month to Web sites using its services.

These are the latest figures on the performance of the behemoths of the Internet as far as web browsing is concerned.

  1. Internet Explorer: 55.31 – 55.97 = 0.66 percent.
  2. Firefox:  22.57 – 22.81 = 0.24 percent.
  3. Chrome:  15.51 – 14.33 = 1.18 percent.
  4. Safari:  4.54 – 4.63 = 0.01 percent.
  5. Opera:  1.68 – 1.70 = 0.02 percent.
  6. Others:  .29 – 0.56 = 0.27 percent.


There are no surprises in August.  Microsoft Internet Explorer’s continues its free fall and will soon reach the 50 percent landmark.  Since October 2010 IE has lost a walloping 5.68 percent.  The leakage of red ink seems to be irreversible.  When all versions were taken into account, IE still leads the overall market with 55.3 percent of usage in August, with Firefox in second place at 22.6 percent. IE and Opera ceded market share to  Google’s Chrome.

Mozilla’s Firefox is fighting tooth and nail to retain its fragile second place.  In August it lost almost one-quarter of a point.  My gut feeling is that soon they will have to move to a third place ceding its position to robust Google Chrome.

Google Chrome continued its steady rise, from 14.33 percent to 15.51 percent.  That’s an impressive  hike of 1.18 percent.  The growing trend is very clear.  They are heading north full speed ahead and will soon bump Firefox to third place.  Google’s Chrome continues to breathe down Mozilla’s Firefox neck.

Apple Safari is losing its momentum after a robust growth in July.  Last month in remained almost stagnant, gaining a feeble 0.01 percent.  I was not expecting that at all.

Norwegian Opera is deep in quick sand.  It lost 0.02 percent in August.  The real action is in the mobile and gadgets industry where it is a serious contender.  I’m sure they are looking closely at the computing tablets market as well.    Good Day.

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