How To Crush the “” Bug

Have you been having the problem of a super slow computer all of a sudden?  Well, I did and it was a most annoying and irritable experience.

Late yesterday, I noticed that my computer almost halted to a crawl, and in some instances, it wouldn’t even download several of my favorites sites, (e.g., C-Span, Speedtest, FileHippo, Banco General and Photobucket).  I don’t recall having installed a new software or visited an exotic place.  “What in the world was going on?”, I asked to myself.  No logical answer came from inside my head.

After having a solemn supper, without speaking a word, I decided to tackle the problem.  Even my wife noticed how quiet and red-faced I was.  I stayed up until 2:34 a.m. until finally I came up with the solution to my problem.  The culprit for the strange behavior of my computer was a beacon called “”. It has been glued to my computer and was pulling it down like an anchor.  I have reasons to believe it was planted by a suspicious site called I was attracted to this page, because I wanted to boost my computer speed and this alleged software would help me do it.  No way Jose, it almost ruined it.

According to Comscore which I knew little about, before this incident, ScorecardResearch is:

“ScorecardResearch is a website that is used to help with the collection of Internet web browsing data on specific websites that have enrolled in a broad market research effort by comScore, Inc. to create reports on Internet behavior and trends. comScore, Inc. is a recognized authority on Internet and general economic trends, whose data are routinely cited by major media outlets such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and CNBC, and is extensively used by the largest Internet services companies and scores of Fortune 500 companies.”

I never authorized anybody to create reports on my Internet activities.  Somebody planted this beacon without  my consent and almost ruined my operating system and rained on my day.  Serendipitously, I found the solution by googling the term “b.scorecard” to find out if others had experienced problems with this beacon.

I found this site—ScorecardResearch – Privacy Policy— which explained how to get rid of the b.scorecardresearch bug.  This is what they said about removing their beacon or cookie, or whatever the name of their bug is called.

“In order to identify browser-level behavior such as new versus repeat visitors to a website or page, we may drop cookies in support of our market research efforts. To opt-out of this browser-level tracking you can click here. If you choose to opt-out, a cookie will be placed on your computer instructing us to disable our ability to browser-level track of your website visitation while on a website with a ScorecardResearch beacon installed. However, if your browser does not accept cookies, or if you delete all of your cookies, then this browser-level tracking may occur. Additionally, this opt-out is only effective when you are using the Internet browser you were using when you opted-out.”

I followed their instructions and removed the pesky software.  Lo and behold, as soon as the bug was removed from my computer, everything came back to normal.  All my previous sites worked and my surfing speed came back to what is was before the computer was infested.

After this annoying incident I learned my lesson.  Stay away from free scanning sites which allegedly increase your computer speed like and immediately delete beacons like as soon as you notice their presence.  Even protection software like Rising Antivirus and Spybot Search & Destroy couldn’t get rid of it.  As a matter of fact, they couldn’t even detect it after it had nested in my computer.

The Cloud is getting more and more dangerous as evil persons try to squeeze money from innocent victims.  I recently read that zero-day vulnerabilities were found last month in Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Flash, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple QuickTime, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. All of these weaknesses were cited by Fortinet as critical as they leave the applications open to attacks that are able to run code remotely.


Credit: cnet News – Fortinet

In terms of sheer malware attacks among the top countries hit in November, the U.S. accounted for 35 percent, up from 32 percent in October. Japan took 22 percent of the total attacks, up from 16 percent the prior month. And Korea took the brunt of 12.5 percent of the world’s total malware attacks, up from less than 9 percent in October.

When surfing the Web please keep in mind, that you are walking inside a mine field—caveat!  Good Day.

56 thoughts on “How To Crush the “” Bug”

  1. Hi Omar,
    This is one of the reasons I use the hosts file to block sites that I wrote about some weeks back. I checked the host file and found 3 entries for these pests: #[Comscore] #[WebBug]

    Having these three listed means that someone has already found them and made it impossible for my browser to go there. Most firewalls and no virus scanner will do that for you.

    Keeping the information termites at bay is a full-time job.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

    1. I also did a ping for and it pinged to which is unreachable

    2. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I clicked the “here” sight above and removed this from my computer. It is now running so fast and none of my spy ware or security found it. God Bless and keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Jim and Nena:

    You are doing a fine job in keeping malware software out of your system. Congrats!

    I thought my antivirus software would guarantee my safety, but I can see they have their vulnerabilities.

    I’m now more alert on these types of dangerous software, than before.



  3. thanks so very much for this, I am on a Mac and usually don’t have problems, this is so great for you to share : )

  4. Thankyou for finding this and spreading the word! I surf on DeviantArt all the time and that bug was seriously impeding the loading time of the pages!

    Thanks again
    Dan –

  5. I went to the site after I keep seeing ‘waiting on’ in my browser, and clicked to ‘opt out’ and it said I will no longer have their site monitor, went back to the (Amazon) link I was loading, and got ‘waiting on’ again.

  6. Whatever worked back in December of 2010 is not working now in May of 2011. I opted out as the web site offers to allow and even cleared the cache and the cookies before doing so but the page still kept loading after many of my common web sites.

    I don’t know what was causing and/or allowing this to happen but I had to completely reset Safari to make it stop.

    This is an insidious one folks and the Mac is no longer impervious to this vile stuff.

  7. I’m having the same problem on my Mac too. I did the same things as Emery Emery, to no avail. Help!

  8. I’m having the same problem Janice. But it DOES work for awhile. I surf on “,” so when I want to surf there I just load BOTH pages……….the stumbleupon page and this one. Whenever I see b.scorecardresearch come up again, I just delete it again. It’s a little more work but it keeps my browser running fast.

  9. Having tried google chrome, I promptly uninstalled it – Because I couldn’t find a way of accessing and removing cookies stored within it

    All above posts are why I will not tolerate or permit any cookies residing on my machines for any length of time. Those are removed at the end of each browsing session

    Now in my sixties, I am user from the old school back in mid nineties (internet wise). Prior to that companies used to pay cash for market research data. Today while employing less people they try to get all that data for free. By tracking our movements, our likes and dislikes, they are effectively stealing all this info from us for their own ends – I will not allow them to get it for free from me

    I am pleased to say that though I visit particular websites pretty regularly, every time I go there, I am in their eyes a brand new user visiting their website for the first time :))

    You don’t really need to store any cookies. For the odd occasion where one may need to manually reenter one’s details on a website, this is very small price to pay for retaining one’s freedom from abuse!

    Emery Emery and Janice, try learning how to delete all cookies (and cache contents) regularly and update your browser with latest version. You could even try Seamonkey (Mozilla browser which also has inbuilt email client). Whilst Firefox is for the masses, Seamonkey has more switches available that you can set and control

    I use Safari, Firefox AND Seamonkey (on Mac machine) for different purposes. On windows machine, it would be IE instead of Safari

    Cheers Omar

  10. If you are using Firefox, I recommend an addon called Adblock Plus. You can just block any address you like, and it will not load, like google-analytics, or edge.quantserve, or others that mine browsing data. Install it, and press Ctrl+Shift+E, and add a new filter to block “*” and poof, it cannot load. Also speeds up browsing by blocking most of the ads that generally slow everything down.

  11. Hi Omar:

    Thanks for this post! showed up on a site I rely on, Engadget, and it was making me crazy!

    Disturbingly, wordpress appears to have put the scorecard beacon on THIS site.

  12. another random information:

    it seem russian youtube-like site,
    , purposedly configure their video player to prevent viewing if access to was denied.

  13. Cheers! This was driving me nuts! Neither my provider nor WordPress knew anything about it or were not forthcoming if they did. Thanks!!

    1. Hi DD:

      I had no idea. I’m going to write WordPress about it and see if they can delete it from their site. Sorry about that. Now you know how to crush the bug.

      Thanks for the tip.


  14. I believe, Google Adsense and other major Ad networks use this, this is why you see it on every major website.

  15. i went to the link and it said it took me off but it really didn’t and i can’t load certain pages… i’m on a mac and i use both safari and firefox… don’t understand why it’s not working for me.. help please?

  16. One more thing to try: I kept seeing Scorecard show up on my personal site, which I swore was free of this crap. Started turning on and off plugins to see if that was the problem. Sure enough: the Lijit plugin (which I thought only did analytics) was the culprit. FYI!

  17. I find that using the “opt-out” page at does nothing but install a new cookie. I have now forbidden my browser to load cookies from that site. Now we wait and see. :-S

  18. I play everquest 2, and quite often refer to for reference.When doing a topic search on the site and hitting the Submit button, Every so often, I get a popup, advertising something or other, and usually I can het [ctrl W] to close it out. lately, I get this advert page that prevents you from closing the browser window, unless you hit a button on a popup dialog that follows upon trying to close the window. I’ve blocked that website by putting the website in my host files block list. now it only loads the window. doing so has mad browser loading much faster, but I would like to be able to have my browsers prevent such Java script that tries to open another window / popup. Does anyone know how to do this? I’m certain Firefox may have something, but I also use Internet Explorer, and cant find anything that cand block certain specific scripts from loading, and when I say specific, I’d like to be able to search for the Javascript code, copy it and put it in some kind of “No Execute” type of list. Thank you

  19. Jim’s comment earlier about use of ‘No-Script’ (freeware) is by far the best solution posted here. I began using No-Script with Firefox over (2) years ago after reading an article in Costco’s newsletter and I can’t imagine being without it now. Everyone wants to prevent what THEY consider undesirable while online without spending a lot of time on it. No-Script empowers the individual user by showing specifically what is happening as a webpage loads and providing a simple way of allowing/forbidding specific scripts and more as it happens. Equally important is the fact that you can load webpages you need/want to load without risks because, unless you have previously approved of an item, it doesn’t load until you select ALLOW from the No-Script menu. Be aware that opening webpages will almost always require at least one No-Script input from you, but, most often I simply select a single button located on the browser toolbar that ‘temporarily allows all scripts’. It’s only on those occasions when you’re suspicious of something that you then take a bit more time to consider your options which may include using No-Scripts (one click away) reviews of suspicious things like this ‘’. And when something is really NEVER to be allowed you can mark it as ‘Untrusted’ and never worry about even if you’re browser is set to delete all cookies when closed. Surf safe-n-happy!

  20. Hi. I Find also a And I Found That they set theres coockie often upper in the windows Temporary Internet. When i Checked it My Browser Cant Delete Automatic Cockies even in Closed Browser. So Take the Upper Left Right of Corner in Browser and Enter into Underline All. and so Delete and Your Speed starting Normally Again.

  21. Install Mozilla’s Collusion addon and watch how all search engines and most sites have tracking unbeknownst to you. The web is an evil place and is just one of the scummy companies gathering data without your consent, building an online behavioral profile.

    Search for Mozilla CEO + web stalking and watch the youtube video from there.

  22. Thank you!!!!! you helped me so much by having that hyperlink on your post. So appreciated! I had been blaming my developer for m internet site being slow when it was my own computer! thank you.

  23. I hear a lot of how to add scripts blockers and Cookies manipulation, but nothing on why some of us have this issue, how does one get it? it is obviously something installed in the computer that make you browser go to this sites, where is it and how to remove it. Adding a cookie to tell them no to track you is not a solution. Does any one knows> I mean, I know how not to get it, but once you got it, how do I remove it? Sorry this is driving me crazy 🙂

  24. Thank for your very helpful information. In my opinion this damn scorecardresearch cookie also spies European, especially us German, internet users when we use unblocking software like anchorfree’s Hotspot Shield for U.S. music videos that are blocked in Germany/Europe by Youtube + other sharing websites, at least i definitely noticed that i had to delete the cookie frequently in my Firefox Browser while using the Hotspot Shield version with ads. As soon as the cookie appeared again i had to experience that unblocked videos got blocked again. So this certainly means this cookie spies for foreign copyright associations outside the USA. I canceled it just before on their website + let’s see if it helps.

  25. I opted out and they dropped a cooki in my browser that read “no cookie” I blocked all cookies from them after that. Thanks, this was helpful since I could not get rid of it.

    1. I am having the same problem originally described. I don’t have much knowledge at all but my computer is very slow and getting slower every minute. I have even lost my mouse – it won’t move or react. I’m afraid I will lose everything. I am only able to move around because I have a touch screen computer but I don’t access to all functionality.
      I need step-by-step instruction on how to fix this problem. Can’t anyone help me – please! I’m feeling quite desperate. Plese help!


    The same thing happened to my computer, I clicked on your fix and my computer sped way up. But be careful, the next day my computer was slow again. I clicked on your link and it sped back up AGAIN! I’m not sure if there isn’t a sub clause that allows them to bug you again after
    24 hours.

    Thanks for your link. My computer is running a lot faster now!!

  27. I installed AdBlock for Chrome, unset the standard filter lists and added a single filter for **. Now I don’t have to worry about my browser locking up on their poorly done scripts.

  28. thank you for all the good suggestions and the help. Unfortunately getting rid of the beacon is proving difficult. Every time I have tried to contact the site I get a “server has reset” message.

    I cleared the cookies and found that maxmyspeed had downloaded without my wanting it – plus there were all kinds of strange script cookies.

    I am in Cuba and our internet is shaky at the best of times – my great guy at the telephone company – which provides our dial up service – is coming over to see how this all works and to figure out if they have a major problem. Our system is narrowband to satelitte – so you can image how this effects us. Another aspect of the embargo!

    Any more help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Kate:

      I’m sorry about your problems with this pesky beacon. Fortunately I was able to crush it definitely from my system after doing what you just read. I thought it worked for everybody. I see it is not so.

      I recommend you to stay away from maxmyspeed. It’s a very dangerous website. I was once infected with a powerful virus and had to pay about forty bucks to extract it from my computer. If you don’t have a good antivirus software like Kaspersky, for example, I urge you to install one. The Internet has become a huge landmine, if you know what I mean.

      I hope you get your problem solved before midnight. Happy New Year and best of luck in your trip to Cuba.

      Warm Regards,


  29. Honestly, I went through the ups and downs of free stuff that would-be-honest firms try to pass along and got hooked more than once. Fortunately, I learned my lesson. If I want to explore anything of a technical nature that is on the Internet, I go to and check it out there. Most of the time I have to use their search function to find it but it they don’t recommend it then I don’t get it. Nothing that I know of increases the speed of any computer because it has a set clock speed, but you can slow it down by downloading stuff and then deleting it and that leaves bits and pieces scattered all over the hard drive. I use a Mac now and am not plagued by such things for which I am my wife are thankful. However, I do have a new PC so I could try out Windows 8 and that is also not prone to invasive trickery since the software is like in a cloud and not really on your computer. Or so I understand. Microsoft has it — I guess like in a Cloud application. I also would run defrag on any PC and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t have to be there. You can also go to “Run” on dos and then type in, at the prompt, MSCONFIG and then you can uncheck the stuff you don’t use or seldom uses and keeping the computer clean is the only way I know to keep the speed up to where it was when it was new. Nothing will make it run faster.

  30. When my Mac dropped Java I could not play games on After some research, I installed Firefox and got Java. Now when I click on a Pogo game, I see a small message at the bottom of my screen: “Waiting for a response from b.scorecard search.” Never got that with Safari. Very interesting in light of the reported BOG fight over the two companies waging Internet war over SPAM.

  31. Great submit, very informative. I wonder why the opposite experts of this sector do not
    realize this. You must continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a great readers’ base

  32. So Scorecardresearch plants malware on your computer, and then you go to exactly that site to remove it?

    Hello, common sense?

    That is exactly how you get more viruses and trojans….

  33. As someone already mentioned, if you are running Mozilla (and derivatives like Firefox or Pale Moon), install the add-on NoScript! After installation, my browser (Pale Moon 64-bit) flies through my Yahoo mail again. No more waiting for “Transferring data to” Notice the “s” in front of the “b.scorecard…” FWIW, Omar had an address without the “s.”

    1. Hi DocDragon:

      I followed your advice and added the extension NoScript to my Firefox browser version 23.0.1 and it has accelerated the browser’s performance by more than 25 percent. The difference is staggering.

      Thanks a bunch,


  34. Let’s sure we are on the same page here– is just another analytics and tracking provider used by thousands of webservers on the internet. They, lke countless others, drop cookies onto your computer is you allow them to. By default MS IE allows cookies and 3rd party cookies.

    On many pages on the internet, embedded into a pages code, there may be a beacon present–a beacon is anything used to see if a particular webpage was loaded by a browser simply by being, usually a unique single pixel or transparent graphic that would otherwise not be seen by the ‘victim’. Since the beacon links to an object/picture somewhere else, theowner of the beacon can tell when their beacon is loaded simply by looking at their beacon’s serving server logs or software. That webserver likely records the time, date, browser make/version, IP address and referring web page. If you were to have a graphic or other web element uniquely assigned and used on only one particular web page, each time that page is requested, an additional request is made by that browser (usually unbeknownst to the human who’s requesting the orginal page.) When the external link is fulfilled (as in, the beacon containing page successfully loads and then links to the beacon’s server) a beacon owner will have indication that the particular page was requested.

    Because the beacon is referenced with a URL address, the browser must query for and request that beacon object. Since it all depends on, ultimately, a webserver using an IP address, and the ability of that beacon server to respond in a timely fashion, should the beacon address not work for any reason (route unreachable, dns record bad/not available, beacon server unable to respond for any reason, etc., etc.,), there may be a pause or interruption why your browser attempts to call the beacon. If the beacon server is flat out unavailable or not linked properly, this can result in long delays or complete failure.

    1. Its not really an infection–if anything I may be a nonfunctioning link.
    2. The beacon isn’t “on” your computer.
    3. Scorecardresearch’s method of opt-out, like MANY sites, is to place a “no tracking” cookie. When this cookie is present, it tells the beacons and other websites NOT to track your browsing activity. They may or may not actually NOT track you if the no-track cookie is present, entirely up to them, although they have to do what they say they do if they want to earn a seal of approval from various other ‘track the tracker’ sites. To combat the beacons, if thats what you want to do, a simple method is to have your computer automatically resolve the beacon’s address to something that isn’t the actual address. If you tell your computer where to “go” for a specific address, it won’t use the internet and the DNS system to locate this. Commonly, forcing your computer to resolve the beacon’s name to via your hosts file is a quick fix. In the event the beacon uses a direct IP address instead of name, you’ll have to block that destination IP addres with a filter or firewall so that your computer can’t retrieve the beacon.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like spyware/virus anymore than the next guy, but let’s be sure we’re truly informing rather than just raving/flaming. If a beacon is not loading fast enough to not impact performance, shame on the beacon provider. The customers WILL find out how poorly run a beacon may be, and hopefully, will discontinue serving a beacon or being a customer of that beacon. But in most cases, this isn’t an infection. It’s also not abnormal.

    Don’t lull yourself into a sense of false security. Maintaining your hosts file is alot of work. Domain names and IP addresses change all the time, requiring adittional work on your part. If you’re game and willing, you can curb your cookie and beacon use, but you won’t stop it completely unless you stay off the web. If you do decide to try your hand at hosts file manipulation, you should stick with it. Setting it once and never looking again is not a good thing. You risk breaking things that may become more ‘legit’ in the future.

  35. Ghostery is good for those people who have the ability to run it, also everyone on every browser should go through their browser’s cookie settings and disallow any 3rd party cookies, that will chop out a lot of garbage. Secondly there are many people who are dedicated to updating HOSTS files to block these nasty things, two such sites are: and is another more thorough one. There is also a freeware program called Hostsman (from that allows you to manage your hosts file much more easily than the manual method. Also I would reccomend a small firewall called Peerblock (which is based off the old PeerGuardian program) for people in need of a firewall-type of software… as for the beacons and trackers etc. I personally resolve their names, and try to map server names, I then look up their hosting IP address at a reverse WHOIS such as the ARIN whois, which will give me a “netblock” IP address range which I can add to peerguardian, if a site won’t load, I just bring up the PG window, watch it as I refresh a page, and allow IPs on a 15 minute basis, usually I can pick up what I want from there after that amount of time. Also I’ve found that disabling cascading style sheets (CSS) will block out google’s adwords and adsense, disabling javascript and flash are also immensely helpful (an old browser, that could’ve beat them all, actually has these capabilities, it is called K-Meleon, sadly it has not been actively developed for a few years now.)

    Also I would highly suggest that people reading this make use of a site called “” the site allows you to upload any file you’re suspicious of (up to a certain size limit anyway) and it will use a network of machines, with as many as 42 anti-virus programs, and tell you what each program says about the file you’ve uploaded.

    Here’s hoping your net experience gets cleaner and faster.

    1. Because you are right. Different ad companies have agreements with certain software products that are supposed to protect you from “not finding” those particular companies’ ads.

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