Joke: Golf Pragmatism

A doctor, a minister, and an engineer were playing golf one day.

They were frustrated by the slow play of the foursome ahead of them. They couldn’t seem to hit the ball anywhere, they drove their cart into a tree, they stumbled around, lost balls and left them laying behind in obvious locations. Their golf performance was in total disarray.

They called over a course warden and asked if there was anything he would do to speed up their play. The warden apologized and then explained that this was a group of blind firefighters. They all lost their sight putting out a fire in the clubhouse the year before. Since then the golf course let them play whenever they wanted and didn’t hassle them.

The three friends thought about it and expressed appreciation for the golf club’s compassion.

The doctor said, “I have a couple of friends that are world-class eye surgeons. I will ask them if there is anything they could do to help.”

The preacher said, “I will have my whole congregation pray that God will send a miracle to help those poor firefighters.”

The engineer was quiet for a few minutes and then asked, “Why don’t they play at night?”

One thought on “Joke: Golf Pragmatism”

  1. I always loved this joke, Omar, but once when I was with my other aerospace engineering friends and someone told the joke, one of the friends came up with a different solution. I think it speaks additional volumes about how differently engineers think about things.

    His solution was for the doctor, the preacher, and the engineer to get some cool night vision goggles so THEY could play golf at night!

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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