Neck Exercises

(Credit: Miss

4 thoughts on “Neck Exercises”

  1. Oww, ouch, oh!
    :-), OK, that’s enough for now! haha

    This is a great idea, Omar! I suffered neck pains after hours of computer time before I retired and this would have been a good way to interrupt those sessions.

    If I ran an office computer system, I would put this on the screen for 2 minutes every hour just to get folks to take a break.

    Now, if I could just perfect the pedal powered computer monitor, I could really get in shape! haha
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx
    (29°F this morning!)

  2. Hi Jim & Nena:

    Pecking at computer keys all day long takes its toll. I agree that exercises of this type are excellent to prevent stress on your stiff neck.

    “Pedal power computer monitor”. Mmmm good idea! 🙂

    79° F (This morning, Panama City, Panama)

    Have a great day,


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