In Search of Women’s Shoes

Last Sunday afternoon was sizzling hot.  It was so hot it was difficult to breathe and move inside our home.  We don’t have an air-condition system, so we were stoically waiting until the sun went down and the house would cool off.  I would like to point out that Panama is just starting its dry season which is expected to last until mid April.  The weather experts are saying that the Isthmus will be hit by El Niño, making this summer warmer than previous ones.

For example, even as we speak, the weather outside is 93°F at 01:07 p.m.  Fortunately there is a soft breeze which makes the day more or less tolerable.

In view of the hot temperature, my wife suggested that we visit a recently-inaugurated mall in search of shoes she needed.  The name of the mall is Metro Mall located about five miles from our house.   This is a $100 million investment occupying 24 hectares of land under the direction of the Roble Group, a division of the Poma Group of El Salvador.  Thanks to its strategic location, Metro Mall receives an average of 50,000 to 60,000 visitors a day.  It competes heads on with Albrook Mall where I usually go to buy my stuff.

When we got there,  the parking lot was full to capacity.  For a moment I thought it was December all over again.  I was fully impressed with the modern facilities of the mall.  It had everything a shopper needs to enjoy its stay there.  The aisles are ample and very well illuminated due to its huge glass walls which brings in the natural light from the exterior of the building.

I noticed the mall provided large and comfortable living-room chairs which made you feel sitting right there in the living room of your own house.  It was really neat.  It’s the first time I see this type of furniture in a mall anywhere.

Going back to our story, Aura went directly to her favorite shoe store called BBB (Bueno, Bonito y Barato).  She has been buying her shoes at these outlets as far back as I can remember.  A very courteous young man whose name is Isidro helped  Aura open a zillion boxes so she could make a decision.  Meanwhile, I was busy taking pictures of the mall which I will post tomorrow.

After about an hour and a half later, Aura had decided on three pairs of soft-walking shoes which I thought was a very nice buy.  I didn’t asked how much they cost, because I knew there are two questions you never ask a woman.  “How old are you?” and “How much did you spend at the mall?” No sir, that’s the best kept secret for a woman anywhere.  Definitely those are no-no questions.

When we got home I decided to take pictures of the shoes for posterity.  I also plan to buy a couple of Florsheim shoes sometime next month, and I found just the place where I can get them at the same mall.  But that’s another story,  plus my MasterCard is happy to defer this purchase for a later date.  Ouch!

This is what popped out of  BBB’s purple plastic bag.  Here we go.

This is Isidro helping my wife make a buying decision at a BBB shoe store in Metro Mall last Sunday afternoon. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
A view of the BBB store with its attractive stock of women's shoes. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Photograph of the large BBB plastic bag. BBB in English means "Good, Pretty and Cheap - Bueno, Bonito y Barato." (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Picture of three boxes I found inside the purple bag. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Photograph of the shoe boxes stacked up to pose for my Birthday camera. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Photograph of a nice-looking pair of Rockport shoes. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Picture of the same pair of Rockport shoes. I would say Aura made a good choice. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Picture of a Soda shoe manufactured by Fortune Dynamic, Inc. This is a Welch model in bronze color. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Photograph of a pair of Welch Soda Shoes with its cute pink box. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Photograph of a pair of black grendha soft shoe made in Brazil by the Grendha Shoes Corporation. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)
Another picture of the grendha Brazilian shoes which look vibrant and chic. My favorite choice of the three. (Credit: ©Omar Upegui R.)

Even though I got home with a thinner wallet, the journey to Metro Mall was rewarding.  We got out of  an over-heated house and in the process portrayed  a beautiful smile on my wife’s face.  It can’t get any better that a happy wife.  Good Day.


4 thoughts on “In Search of Women’s Shoes”

  1. Hola Jaime:

    Exactamente. Este es el mall frente a Los Pueblos cerca de la Barriada Cerro Viento.

    En mi concepto, uno de los más modernos malls de Panamá. Mañana voy a incluir varias fotografías del centro para aquellos que no lo conocen.

    Panamá no tiene nada que pedir a centros comerciales de otros países.



  2. Fabuloso saber que fueron a refrescarse y a la vez comprar zapatos en Metro Mall. Hoy fui a Conway de David y me senté con mis hermanas en la cafetería, 2do piso. Muy linda la vista panorámica, se divisa el Volcán Barú, las montañas donde nací y crecí, me sentí transportada mientras disfrutaba de un frappé. No me van a creer, pero hasta mirar un gallinazo; ¡Sí, un gallinazo! planeando en las alturas resultó relajante… Aparentemente, el almacén es demasiado grande para esta área, pero no creo se hubiesen aventurado sin un buen estudio de mercado.

  3. Hola Hilda (AS):

    Un gallinazo desde las alturas puede parecer tan majestuoso como un águila. Todo es percepción.

    Algo que he aprendido de la fotografía, es aprender a observar. Veo que usted también lo hace sin tomar fotografías. El Volcán, el gallinazo, etc. es una forma de ver la realidad desde una nueva perspectiva.

    Créame que dentro de unos pocos años, Conway tendrá que ampliar sus instalaciones debido a la demanda. Todo está creciendo demasiado rápido. En la Ciudad de Panamá, ya no puedo alcanzar la velocidad del progreso. Soy un verdadero turista en mi propio país.



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