Flock Revamped its Social Web Browser to Version 2.5.5

(Credit: Flock Corporation)

After a long radio silence, the Flock Devs finally announced a new version for their singular social web browser.  I’m referring to Version 2.5.5.  Similar to Apple, Flock is extremely tightlipped about its product.  I had to find out about this upgrade through FileHippo.com, and not through the Flock’s official  Web site.  Strange, isn’t it?

Normally organizations will spends billions of dollars to spread the word of their products in an effort to capture market share.  Other prefer to do it via the mouth-to-mouth method.  Either way, there is an intense activity of trumpeting what is going on with their services and/or products.  With Flock, everything is kept in secret, within its well protected walls.  No wonder their global market share is minimal.  It’s unfortunate, that such a fine product is almost anonymous.

Sorry for the digression.  Let’s get back to the point.  What’s new in this latest version?  This is what I found out.

  • It’s based on the Firefox 3 technology, providing a faster, safer, and more stable web surfing experience.
  • Incorporated Mozilla’s 3.0.15 patch for Firefox.
  • Incorporated the latest Adobe Flash Player version.

As usual, I encourage you to upgrade to this latest version if you’re a regular Flock user.  If not, that’s O.K.

My experience with Flock has been very rewarding.  Since the beginning, I knew Flock was different from the rest of the other browsers.  They were interested in keeping people connected to other people with just a click of a button.  It was—and still is—the only real social web browser.  As social networks evolve, (e.g., Twitter, Facebook and many others) Flock could finally step into the klieg lights.  So far, very few people know about its existence.

In a nutshell Flock delivers the latest web mail, photos, videos and updates from your favorites sites, so you can stop running around in circles.  Good Day.

Download Flock 2.5.5

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