Souvenirs From London

While I was working for Texaco, I had the lifetime opportunity to travel to New York and the U.K. for a 45-day training trip.  I stayed in Harrison, NY for thirty days, one week in London and another week in Brighton.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

London is a fascinating European city.  During the two weekends I spent in the U.K. I managed to squeeze as much sightseeing as I could.  On my way to visit Buckingham Palace, I stopped at Hyde Park to buy some souvenirs to bring back to Panama.  I’m glad I did, because I found six beautiful pieces of art at a souvenir shop near the park.

After more than 29 years I still have them at home and they look as cute as ever.  These souvenirs are hand-made miniature enamel paintings on copper with elaborate golden frames.

This is how they look after all these years.  Here we go.

Photograph of a hand-made enamel on copper bought in London in 1980.  (Credit:  Omar Upegui R.)
Photograph of a hand-made enamel on copper bought in London in 1980. (Credit: Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit:  Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit: Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit:  Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit: Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit:  Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit: Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit:  Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit: Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit:  Omar Upegui R.)
(Credit: Omar Upegui R.)

Being London a traditional city, it’s possible that the souvenir shop is still there.  A sticker on the reverse of the paintings reads:

Hand Made Enamel On Copper by P.G. Collins, 127 Whitton Road, Hounslow, Middx, TW3 ZEL, England. If you happen to be in London and find this place, please let us know.  Good Day.

10 thoughts on “Souvenirs From London”

  1. I have four beautiful ships that bear the exact same label in the similar gold frames. I picked them up in an antique shop in NC about 10 years ago.

  2. I have two of the paintings they are so small and so beautiful. one is a rose and one is a white flower.

    Is there a special value to them-other than just to the owners?

  3. I bought one in 2000 in an antique shop in NH for $4. The address listed on the label is 1 Gransden Road, London W-12. It’s very similar to the first one pictured above – an English cottage. I would like to have some more of the cottage style ones to make a nice wall grouping.

  4. Hola! Soy Argentina y tengo 2 cuadros de este artista P.G. Collins que trajo mi suego hace más de 20 años de Londres. Son automóviles (uno es de un Mercedes de 1904) hechos con auténticas piezas de relojes.

    La etiqueta dice: “Original pictures, hand-made in London using authentic clock pieces by P.G. Collins.” Quisiera saber qué valor tienen.

  5. I purchased one of these enamel on copper paintings today at a yard sale for .25. Curious as to what they might be worth. My label reads: “HAND MADE ENAMEL ON COPPER BY P.G. COLLINS, 1 GRANSDEN ROAD, LONDON W.12 95A” Mine is of a round disc, white ackground w/colorful bird and floral on it. Disc mounted on brown fabric and framed in carved gold frame. Mine is perhaps 4″ sq. framed. No date or signature.

  6. I also have one of these with the London address, Hounslow of course is in the Greater London area near where I come from. No the shop is not still there. Mine is of a couple sitting on a bench. Very pretty.

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