Eye Checkup

Yesterday I was on radio silence all day long, due to a regular eye checkup.  Since I had a minor retina problem a few years ago, I keep a regular control over this issue with ophthalmologist Dr. Ivonne Martinelli.

Fortunately my vision is 20/20 with glasses on, so I saved a couple of pennies for not replacing my current lenses.  However, Dr. Martinelli discovered a small blood pressure on both eyes and she recommended a thorough eye checkup to avoid any potential glaucoma problems.

For this exam, it’s necessary to dilate the eye pupils using special eye drops.  With dilated pupils it’s almost impossible to read or go outside where there’s bright sunlight.  As a result, the computer was off all day yesterday.  I apologize for this blogging freeze of one day.

I must turn in the lab results to Dr. Martinelli Monday afternoon.  I hope everything turns out to be O.K.  You can’t fool around with vision. Now you know the reason for the silence yesterday.  Good Day.

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