For Sale: Nissan Bluebird 1985

After taking care of it for almost 23 years, its time to swallow the bitter pill and move on.  I have finally decided to sell my faithful Nissan Bluebird.  My wife have been on my back to buy a newer car.  And as you probably know, when mama wants something, mama gets.   We have almost decided to purchase a Nissan Almera which has a price tag of $14,000.

If you want to buy an auxiliary car to be used as a second vehicle beside the main family car, this could be a good opportunity to get yourself one.  Since September I have been upgrading the car and have spent approximately $1,500 to put it in top shape.  Today I plan to go to La Tablita to clean the motor with steam water.  Yesterday, I installed two rear Sony speakers, so music can be heard on four speakers—two on the front and two on the back.  Pretty neat, isn’t it?

The car is as good as it can be, considering that it has been running for 23 years.  So we are not talking about a baby, but of a well maintained adult in very good health conditions.  The price of the Nissan Bluebird is $2,800, but it’s not written in stone.  We can come out with an agreed negotiated price.  They call it “white smoke”.  We plan to use this money to make the initial payment to Panamotor which is the car dealer that sells the Nissan Almera.

Information on the vehicle:

  • Year: 1985
  • Cilinders: Four
  • Motor Capacity: 1,800 cc
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Doors: Automatic
  • Fuel: 91 Octane regular gasoline
  • Mileage: Approximate 30 kilometers per gallon
  • Insurance Policy – Year 2009: Yes
  • License Plate – Year 2009: Yes
  • Air Condition System:  Yes

Photographs of the car:

Nissan Bluebird 1985
Nissan Bluebird 1985
Nissan Bluebird 1985 in excellent working conditions.
Nissan Bluebird 1985 in excellent working conditions.

If this is the low priced car you have been looking for your wife or maybe children, then you just read the right post.  In case you’re interested, please contact me (Omar Upegui R.) at:

  • Land line telephone: 230-0631
  • Cellphone: 6712-4609
  • Internet Address:

It’s a tough decision to sell this baby.  You get used to cars the same way you get used to dogs, cats or horses.  It hurts when they go away.  It will be a sad day when I turn the keys of the car over to the new owner.  But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.  Good Day.


4 thoughts on “For Sale: Nissan Bluebird 1985”

  1. I had to stop and take a second look at who posted this and I couldn’t believe Omar is getting rid of his baby. But it has been a long time since you smelled that new car smell that smells different than anything else in the world.


    And when you get that new one and park it in your carport, take some pictures.

    Abraham Lincoln
    If you get time, today – Feb 18 – go to Abraham Lincoln’s Blog as there is a large photo of the moon that I shot. It won’t be there tomorrow as it is one of those large photos that I have been using with each blog and change it daily.

  2. Hi Abe:

    It’s been a tough decision, let me tell you. But mama wants a new car, and what can I do? I think I’ll shed a few tears when they take my Bluebird away.

    I’m so used to it, that on many occasions I talk to the car, as if he were a human being. I guess I’m getting old.

    Yes, I’ll drop over your place and take a look at the moon. Sometimes, at my age, I’m literally on the moon. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by. I greatly enjoy reading your comments and your blog. Great pictures!

    Take Care,


  3. I see a dollar sign, does this mean you are in America please?
    I am in mourning for mine as teh radiator went but I am in France. I am searching worldwide as I cannot part with it, it is not dead yet. I cannot give up on it.

    1. Hello Vanessa:

      I’m not in the United States. I live in Panama in Central America. The U.S. Dollars had been a legal currency in this country since 1904.

      I had to sell my Bluebird 1985 because it was getting more and more difficult to find spare parts. I’m not much of a mechanic and had a lot of trouble repairing the car when it broke down. I had moist eyes when the buyer drived my Bluebird away. It had been with us for more than 15 years.

      I know what you mean when you say that you don’t want to give your car away.

      Best of luck,


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