Google Upgraded Chrome Browser to Version

In an effort to become a major player in the Web browsers domain, Google yesterday upgraded Chrome to Version  Google’s Chrome browser, which debuted in early September, exceeded one percent for the first time in December. In January 2009, according to Net Applications, its market share reached 1.12 percent, overcoming Norwegian Opera, which remains stagnant at 0.70 percent.

The change in to fix Hotmail caused a problem for users in Incognito mode trying to access sites which depend on the User-Agent header. This header identifies the type of browser making the request and should be part of every request, even in Incognito mode. This issue is now fixed. There is also a security fix for a bug (analogous to CVE-2007-3670) where command line arguments could be injected and executed by getting a user to click a link in certain other browsers.

You can upgrade your Chrome version by clicking the General Settings button (the blue wrench icon located at upper right hand corner of your screen) and then click the Update button).  No big deal.  If for any reason this doesn’t work, you can click the link at the bottom of this post.  Good Day.

Download Google Chrome


2 thoughts on “Google Upgraded Chrome Browser to Version”

  1. Hi Michael:

    I used it on and off because of its minimalist structure and iblazing speed.

    I would say, giving it a try won’t hurt. Be careful, it doesn’t have the customization featurea Firefox enjoys.

    Enjoy the rest of the day,


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