We Were So Poor…

  1. People saw us kicking a can down the street and asked what we were doing…we said “Moving”.
  2. We were so poor, I couldn’t pay attention.
  3. We made a hole in the kitchen wall, behind the cooker, and we used to dip our bread in next door’s gravy!
  4. I left my door unlocked so a burglar might come in and lose some of his change.
  5. We were so poor we didn’t have a pisser to pot in.
  6. The homeless guy on the corner offered us a handout.
  7. The dog got nervous every year at Thanksgiving.
  8. We couldn’t afford Ramen noodles.
  9. We had to borrow a few beans, to make the gas for a fire.
  10. We were so poor our momma used to serve cereal with a fork.
  11. We were so poor, the only things we saw on the kitchen table were elbows.
  12. We were so poor the bank came and repossessed the calendar they gave us at the county fair.
  13. We would go to the KFC and lick other peoples fingers.
  14. The electric company came to the house and blew out the candles.
  15. We were just Po. Couldn’t afford the “or”.
  16. We were so poor we had to borrow dirt from the neighbors.
  17. Maw & Paw had to face opposite directions and hook their elbows together, just to make ends meet.
  18. We were so poor we had to reach up to touch bottom.
  19. We were so poor, we had to go to the public library to see our family portrait in the dictionary next to the word “Poor”.
  20. When we needed a new pair of shoes Ma would make us run outside when it was raining. When we got our feet good and muddy she made us come inside and put our feet up until the mud dried.
  21. We were so poor, if they were selling steamboats on the Mississippi River for 10 cents apiece, all we could do was run up and down the river bank hollering “ain’t that cheap”.
After reading these descriptions about being poor, I feel like I own the Chrysler Building.  My God, these guys are really….really poor.  Good Day.

Source:  Bits & Pieces

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3 thoughts on “We Were So Poor…”

    1. Hi Abe:

      The different comments about being poor are really funny. The witty use of puns add to the humor.

      I enjoyed your new blog layout; it looks like a million bucks. Where do you get so many ideas to innovate?

      Best Regards,


  1. They never fail to get the deepest laughs out of us. we were so poor, and jokes about dirty. bob hope said – the place was so dirty even the rats wore overalls. I’ve used it for decades, never fails.

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