Flock Social Browser is Upgraded to Version 2.0.3

The Flock people announced yesterday that their popular social browser was upgraded to version 2.0.3. According to their official website, this is what they added to their latest version:

  • Incorporated Mozilla’s 3.0.5 patch for Firefox.
  • Updated Flash version.
  • Removal of Pownce and Piczo services.
  • Cooliris extension blocked due to crashing issues.
  • Fix to prevent AOL auto-log out.
  • Fix to prevent a local favorite, when publishing a bookmark online only.
  • Fix for Digg login detection.
  • Fix for Gmail webmail flyout.
  • Fix for YouTube private message notification.
  • Fix for Yahoo Mail login detection.

Last night I noticed that several websites were causing freezing problems.  One of these sites was Yahoo News.  However, today this problem has been solved.  Another inconvenience that I noticed, is that this version is somewhat slow.   Chrome and Firefox are much faster.  I will continue to use Flock and see is this inconvenience is also solved today.  Fingers crossed.

Download Flock 2.0.3

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