The Puzzling World of Labyrinths and Mazes


Laryrinths and mazes have been with us for a very long time.  For example, in Greek mythology, the Labyrinth (Greek) λαβύρινθος labyrinthos) was an elaborate structure designed and built by the legendary Daedalus for King Minos of Crete at Knossos.   Its function was to hold the Minotaur, a creature that was half man and half bull and was eventually killed by Theseus. Daedalus had made the Labyrinth so cunningly that he himself could barely escape it after he built it.

During the Renaissance, Italian gardens spawned an abundance of mazes in which people could walk, get lost, hatch plots, and exchange local gossip.

The modern maze retains a little of the symbolic mystery attached to the “Street of Jerusalem” and the “Walls of Jericho.”

The largest plant maze in the world is located in a place in France called Reinac-sur Indre. Since 1996, when it was built, more than 85,000 people have attempted to find a passage through the 10-acre puzzle.  (See image above).

There are other famous mazes and labyrinths in the wold.  By clicking the link at the bottom of this entry, you can enjoy some of them.  Good Day.

15 of the Most Amazing Mazes and Creative Labyrinths – Web

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