Yahoo Could Sell Search Business to Microsoft

According to a Times of London report, Yahoo and Microsoft may once again be working on a search deal.  The Times of London reported this weekend that Microsoft is in talks to acquire Yahoo’s search business for $20 billion. According to the paper, former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller and fomer Fox Interactive President Ross Levinsohn, are set to head the effort.

It is worth noting that as of Friday, the market capitalization of Yahoo in its entirety was just shy of $16 billion.

Yahoo’s current financial situation has deteriorated considerably.  Yahoo and Google have announced and abandoned a search deal, Yahoo’s shares have plummeted to single digits, and the company has said it would replace Jerry Yang as CEO.  This could be a good opportunity for Yahoo to obtain a fair value for its search business, before the situations gets worse.  The Wall Street meltdown is not helping Yahoo much either.

Let’s wait and see if Microsoft is still interested in coughing in the money.  Good Day. 

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