Apple Released Safari 3.2 – Bolsters Security

On Thursday afternoon, Apple released Safari Version 3.2. Although the update affects both Mac and Windows users, many of the Mac updates were provided in Apple’s October update for Mac OS X users. The update includes eight fixes specific to Safari Web browser and three specific to the Webkit rendering engine.

The full explanation of the 11 security fixes is way too long to include in this post and will probably put a few of you to sleep.  However, I do understand there are many techies who could probably be reading this post and are curious to read technical jargon.  If this is the case, please click here to learn more about the eleven fixes included in this latest security release.

Safari 3.2 is available via the Apple Software Update application, the Apple Software Downloads page, or Apple’s Safari download site.   I strongly encourage you to update your browser to include this latest security patch.  The Internet is not as safe as it used to be during the Pioneer days.  Good Day.

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