Nine Useful Tips on How to Save Money and Trees

As we move into a recession, it makes a lot of sense to start saving money and sticking to a carefully planned budget.  Today I’ll address the issue of saving trees and money.  Tomorrow I’ll get into budget preparation.

Normally I don’t do a lot of printing, but I used to spend hundreds of dollars on ink cartridges and reams of paper when I was in college.  I was really wasting money because I didn’t know any better.  

Lifehacker recently published an article dubbed, “Smart and Easy Ways to Reduce Printing Costs” which hits the nail right on the head.   Below are the main ideas of the article on how to reduce your printing costs:

  1. Print more than one page per sheet.
  2. Use print preview and shrink to fit.
  3. Only print the selection you need.
  4. Print multiple selections on a single page.
  5. Use Draft Mode as the default Setting.
  6. Print to PDF instead of paper.
  7. Refill your own printer cartridges.
  8. Track your savings with GreenPrint.
  9. Find better prices for digital photo prints online.

I’m sure your pocket will smile after you start using, all or some, of the tips indicated above.  Remember what our moms used to tell us, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.”  Good Day.

Source:  Smart and Easy Ways to Reduce Printing Costs  – Lifehacker

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