Major Web Browsers Market Share – October 2008

Net Applications)
Top Web browsers market share performance for October 2008. (Credit: Net Applications)

I was very anxious to see how Google Chrome performed during its second month of being out in the wild competing with its peers.  Now Net Applications has released its valuable statistics.

These are the numbers.  Each browser has three figures. The first figure is October market share performance expressed in percentages, the second figure represents September market share also in percentages, and the third figure is the difference between October and September. Red means a decrease  and green an increase in market share for that particular browser.

  1. Internet Explorer: 71.27%, 71.52%, 0.25%
  2. Firefox: 19.97%, 19.46%, 0.51%
  3. Safari: 6.57%, 6.65%, 0.08%
  4. Opera: 0.75%, 0.69%, 0.06%
  5. Netscape: 0.45%, 0.63%, 0.18%
  6. Chrome: 0.74% 0.78%, 0.004%
  7. Others: 0.25%, 0.27%, 0.02%


And the winner for October is Mozilla Firefox.  It gained a little more than one half point, barely missing the elusive 20 percent landmark.  All the rest released some of their market share to Firefox.  The major loser in October was Microsoft Internet Explorer that just can’t retain its users.

I was surprised that Google couldn’t rub on to Chrome its ubiquitous brand.  The “Halo Effect” didn’t take off, like Apple did with its Mac computers which benefited with the success of the iPod and the iPhone.

Netscape of course is singing the swan’s song and Opera is keeping its ground.  The greatest surprise for October, is the feeble performance of Chrome which promised a lot when it was launched with great fanfare last September.

I’m very happy that Firefox is advancing in big strides.  Good Day.

Source:  Net Applications

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