Photograph: Beauty With Beads

Sanara - Pixdaus, God Gave Use Pics!)
Woman with beautiful eyes and beads. (Credit: Sanara - Pixdaus, God Gave Use Pics!)

2 thoughts on “Photograph: Beauty With Beads”

  1. Well, when I saw this, I turned the whole monitor around and showed my youngest daughter who now lives with us. She said, “Pretty.” I said, “Her eyes.” She said, “Pretty.” And that pretty much ended the conversation. Sometimes you do get to see some beautiful women like this but not often. If you see one in a building there is usually a hoard of men following looking like they are considering buying all sorts of things they are passing. I like to watch them make jerks out of themselves.

  2. Hi Abe:

    This is indeed a beautiful woman. I’m sure many men in Panama would bump into telephone booths or other obstacles on the street mesmerized by a female like this.

    I think “pretty” is to soft a word for this beauty. Don’t you think so? In my dictionary she would be more like “Awesome” or “Electrifying” or something on that level of aesthetics.

    Glad to read your comments. Take care.


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