Manage Your Personal Finances With Free Quicken Online

Intuit Inc.)
Now the popular personal finance software is free as an online service. (Credit: Intuit Inc.)

The trend to provide free applications on the Internet is catching on.  We are all aware that several office productivity suites are available, at no cost on the Internet, making Microsoft nervous about gradually losing its stranglehold on its profitable niche.  Such is the case of widely known software like OpenOffice, Google Docs, and Zoho.

Recently, another popular personal finances software joined the bandwagon.  I’m talking about Quicken from Intuit.  I used this simple and user-friendly software several years ago and was quite satisfied with the way it worked.  Unfortunately, I lost my job and of course my income evaporated.  There was nothing to manage, so I let Quicken go.

Now that I recently retired, I think it’s time to go back to Quicken and make every penny count.  Inflation is a retiree’s worst enemy.  If you don’t take care of your budget, inflation will gobble your whole paycheck.  Every time I read the news, I have chills all over my spine.  It’s not a safe world out there.  When behemoths like Lehman Brothers, Merril Lynch and Bear Sterns go belly up, it’s time to take a closer look at your paycheck.

Considering this unsafe scenario, I was so excited when I found out that Quicken Online, the web-based version of the popular personal finances software, is no longer charging a monthly usage subscription fee.  The company is still selling, as completely separate products, software versions of Quicken; like its competitors Wesabe and Mint, it’s now available for free with an iPhone app on the way.

In case you are a newbie with Quicken, please click here for a comprehensive review written by Lifehacker dubbed, Manage Your Money With Quicken Online.

I can still remember mom saying, “Omar, a penny saved is a penny earned.” Good Day.

Free Quicken Online

9 thoughts on “Manage Your Personal Finances With Free Quicken Online”

  1. If you are a Linux user, there have been several free money management programs for a long time. GnuCash and Kmoney come to mind. I personally would not want my private information being stored by any of these companies on the Internet.

  2. Hi Don:

    I understand your concern about having confidential information on the Internet. I’ll have to take a closer look on that issue.

    I know I’ve been dragging my feet on Linux. I have to buy that hard disk you recommended. It will be in my “To Do” list.

    Thanks for the recommended software.


  3. Hello Ameo:

    I can’t use Mint, because it’s only available in the U.S. and I’m located in Panama. I’m now using Wesabe, but am not satisfied. It’s not a true personal finances package like Quicken.

    Thanks for dropping by,


  4. Hi Neil:

    Thanks a lot for this link. I’ll evaluate both software to see which suit me better. As Don indicated, you have to be very careful with giving out your username and password. There are horror stories about people being ripped off by bad people.

    Have a great day, Neil.


  5. Hi Omar,

    Chelsea from Quicken Online here. Thanks for your kind words about the product, Your move from Quicken desktop to a basic personal finance app like Quicken Online isn’t terribly typical, but I’m really glad you’ve found it useful (and especially, cost-effective, since it is now free!).

    Again, thanks for the review,

    – Chelsea, Quicken Online

    1. Hi Chelsea:

      Moving from desktop applications to Web-based online software hasn’t reached critical mass yet. However it’s a matter of time. In a decade or so, everything will be done through the Cloud. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and Amazon, just to name a few, are working very hard in designing this new platform.

      Google is currently the leader of the pack. They know how to make the Cloud work and I’m sure others will follow. Shrink-wrapped software will fade away into the sunset. Microsoft is in a transition phase moving from desktop software to online applications. This is an unstoppable trend.

      As the recession gets deeper and deeper, having a close control of a personal budget is an imperative you can’t overlook. This is where software like Quicken Online comes in. I’m sure thousands of husbands and wives are reviewing their expenses on the family laptop late at night at their kitchen table. These are uncertain times and money is now a scarce asset.

      Thanks for dropping by. It has been my pleasure writing a positive review about your great product.



  6. Omar – thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize
    Quicken was free online. I’ve used Quickbooks for my business, and Quicken just a little. I’m always looking for new ideas to use on my WordPress blog I started in January of this year. So I may throw this on on there. Thanks Again – Dan – aka DoctorDollar

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