Opera Web Browser Upgrades to Version 9.60

Opera Inc.)
Norwegian Opera Web browser. (Credit: Opera Inc.)

Early this morning Norwegian Opera Devs launched a new security and stability patch identified as 9.60.  Opera 9.6 is available free on all major platforms and many different languages.  As you probably know, Opera 9.6 has the features and performance to make you a faster and more productive Web user.

What is new in this latest release?

1.  User Interface

  • Speed Dial thumbnails no longer disappear when deleting private data.
  • Page encoding in site preferences can now be reset to automatic.
  • Changed the default global history to 1000.
  • Added a new default speedial.ini.
  • Improvements to Opera Link include the synchronization of search engines and typed history.
  • Fixed sorting by progress in Transfers.
  • Fixed copying of multiple entries from the history manager.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause notes to be lost when using certain characters.
  • Fixed data loss situation when note folders had more than one line in their name.
  • Fixed spurious highlighting when using the space character in inline find.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent links in frames from being opened by the keyboard.
  • Fixed error pages when entering an unknown protocol.
  • Fixed an issue where custom search engines would not get a favicon.

2.  Mail, News, Chat

  • Added popular Chinese providers in mailproviders.xml.
  • Now copes better with broken POP servers that send empty UIDLs.
  • The “Large font” setting is now respected for subjects.
  • Cache files from feeds no longer show up in Transfers.
  • Feed preview pages now load properly when reopened from trash.
  • Text strings on the feed preview page can now be localized.
  • Added a fallback feed title for feeds without titles and added a handheld style sheet to the feeds preview.
  • Feeds are now detected even when served as text/html.
  • Fixed the synchronization of removed labels for IMAP accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where the signatures wouldn’t change if the default account signature ended with a space.
  • Fixed an issue where sent message bodies could disappear under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem where messages would be reported as incomplete when the server reports the wrong message size.
  • Fixed importing of files with LF line endings only.
  • Fixed an issue where followed contacts would not be properly unfollowed.
  • Fixed an issue where only the first followed contact would be shown in the Followed Contacts access point.
  • Fixed an issue where the Followed Thread icon would be lost after restart.
  • Fixed Quick Find in feeds.
  • Fixed an issue where feed titles were truncated before “:” characters.
  • Fixed an issue where feed status could get stuck on fetching.
  • Fixed an issue where only a few feed items would be fetched.
  • Fixed DCC transfers in IRC.

3.  Display and Scripting

  • Special characters are now displayed properly in the Address bar drop-down.
  • Opera Dragonfly element highlighting no longer stays on the page after closing the developer tools window.
  • Script focused elements are no longer highlighted.
  • Fixed saving of SVG when right clicking.

4.  Security

  • Verisign and Comodo are now formally EV-enabled: see Yngve’s blog post.
  • Fixed an issue where specially crafted addresses could execute arbitrary code, as reported by Chris of Matasano Security; see our advisory.
  • Java applets can no longer be used to read sensitive information, as reported by Nate McFeters; see our advisory.

5.  Miscellaneous

  • Browsing Intranet sites now works after changing proxies in a running session.
  • Improved performance with large wand.dat files.
  • Fixed Fast Forward on Google search results pages.

6.  Windows-specific changes

  • Fixed a bug where network paths that start with \\ would not work, which in particular caused issues with sent mail when storing profiles on network drives.
  • Fixed installation problems on Windows NT 4.0.

Through the years, Opera has set the standard for browser development as it introduced key features, such as tabbed browsing, saved sessions, mouse gestures and more. Opera does it again, with Opera 9.6 – this time with a wider world of Opera users watching, as Opera Mini and Opera for Wii have estabilshed their arena. New features such as Opera Link and an unmatched security system are packaged in a sharp, trim UI to set Opera apart from other browsers—and take full speed ahead in leading other Opera-powered devices into a best-in-class Web experience, that only the standards-support and technology leading Opera browser can deliver.

My experience with Opera has been somewhat mixed.  It’s light and fast, but have difficulties downloading several websites.  This is a “no no” for me, since it’s not nice to change browser when you are in the middle of serious blogging.  For that reason, I keep Opera in the backburner.  Others are having excellent results with Opera.  “The taste is in the pudding.” Arrivederci!

Download Opera 9.60

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