Five Useful Tools to Power Up Your Windows Clipboard

Five useful tools to power up Windows Clipboard and enhance work productivity.
Five useful tools to power up Windows Clipboard and enhance productivity of your daily computer tasks.

One of the most popular features of Windows is Clipboard to “cut and paste” information. The only problem with the Clipboard, is that it will only hold one item at a time. Once you save another item, the previous one is erased.

I know a lot of people who would like to save several items in the Clipboard to use later on during the day. For example, journalists would kill to have an application capable of doing this. Violence is not necessary. I found not one, but five different programs capable of providing Multi-Clipboards, thus extending the functionality of the Clipboard.

1. Ditto

Ditto is perhaps one of the most powerful of these such tools. Among many others, below are five useful features:

  1. Stores as many copied entries as you want.
  2. Sort those copied items so you can use them later on during the day.
  3. Search as you type feature allowing you to filter through all the items you copied to your clipboard
  4. Thumbnails for images on Clipboard.
  5. Portable and can be run directly from a thumb-drive.
  6. Ditto is also open source and completely free.

2. 25 Clips

25 Clips is the simplest of all multi-clipboard programs. Just have it running minimized and it captures everything you cut or copy from other programs. It stores the last 25 items. When you want to paste one item, all you have to do is restore 25 Clips and click on the item you want. If you prefer to work entirely from the keyboard, you can choose a hot key to restore 25 Clips and then paste any item by typing the letter shown next to it.

When you move the mouse over the items, you can see them in the viewer. If the item is text, you see several lines, and if it is a graphic, you see a thumbnail.

This software is not free. Below is a price list for your ready reference:

  1. $9.99 for a single user license.
  2. $19.99 for a household license. Covers all household/family members.
  3. $49.99 for a site license. Covers any number of users in one building.
  4. $299.00 for a company/organization/college license. Covers all employees/members/staff and students.

3. Clipx

Clipx is a simple program that empowers your current Windows clipboard by enabling it to hold up to 1,024 items instead of just one. This list not only includes text snippets of all sorts (from website URLs to short paragraphs) but also bitmap images.

All the copied elements are saved on a list that can be accessed at any time from the program’s icon on the system tray. This means you can use any element previously copied to the clipboard at any moment, even if you have copied more elements afterwards. ClipX can be controlled via the program’s icon on the system tray and also by means of customizable keyboard shortcuts.

4. ClipMate

ClipMate enhances your productivity by adding clipboard functions that the Windows Clipboard leaves out, such as holding thousands of “clips”, instead of just one at a time. ClipMate has functions to combine, edit, and manage your clipboard data. It can also print, re-format, and even spell-check. It also has a multi-monitor screen capture, and has features for sharing clips among multiple PCs.

ClipMate adds powerful drag/drop, integration with the Windows Taskbar, and makes pasting your data even easier than before. A single-user/two-computer license is only $34.95.

5. xNeat Clipboard Manager

Windows Clipboard has the disadvantage that you can only copy once before pasting, xNeat Clipboard Manager solves such inconvenience by keeping track of all your stored items and giving you quick access to them.

xNeat Clipboard Manager is handy and very simple to use. It captures clipboard items as they are copied to the Windows Clipboard, and you can simply bring up a menu containing all the previously copied items and select the item you want to paste from it using a hot key.

For regularly used text you can make it permanent in xNeat clipboard Manager’s menu by right clicking on it, then select Make Sticky, you can also delete any item as well.

Next time you need to save several items, keep in mind that these simple tools are available and at your disposal. Some of them are free, and others have an affordable price tag. Which one is the best, will depend on your daily computer tasks. Good Day!

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