Flock’s Version 1.2.6 Available for Download

Flock Inc.)
Flock Social Browser (Credit: Flock Inc.)

Shortly after Mozilla Firefox announced a security and stability patch, Flock browser followed suit. Yesterday, Flock devs unveiled Version 1.2.6 which addresses the following issues, according to their main Web site.

  • Incorporated Mozilla’s patch for Firefox.
  • A fix for YouTube login detection.
  • A fix for WordPress logout detection.
  • A fix to remove duplicate Twitter friends activity feeds in My World.
  • Fixed Facebook new media notification in the People sidebar.

It is strongly suggested that you upgrade your Flock social browser as soon as possible. In order to do so, please click here.

Flock 1.2 delivers a more personal experience of the web, where its users are in control and more connected to what’s important to them. By automatically managing updates and media from popular social services such as Facebook, Digg, Flickr, AOL Webmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, YouTube, Pownce and Twitter, Flock makes sharing with friends and services drag-and-drop easy. Sayonara!

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