Google Chrome Updated to Version – Build 2200

Google Inc.)

Google Chrome has been updated to version, Build 2200. (Credit: Google Inc.)

I just found out that Google has updated Chrome to version – Build 2200.  After its initial release, Google has finally released the next updated version to patch its bugs and security fixes.  The previous version of Google Chrome was Build 1798

Here is how to get the latest update:

  1.  Go to Tools (wrench icon) located at the upper right hand corner of browser.
  2. Click “About Google Chrome” .
  3. Click “Update Now”.
  4. Restart the browser and now it should say Build 2200.

Above steps automatically triggers Google Chrome to search for new updates for the web browser. Simply, click “Update Now” to commence update process. That may take a few minutes, depending on the network bandwidth and the file size that Google Chrome will be downloading from the repository for updating the browser.

I’m not aware that Google Chrome has an automatic notification feature for new updates, the way Mozilla Firefox or Flock Web browser does.  In the meantime, just keep going to the Tool icon and check regularly to find out if there is a new update available.  

Edit:  Thanks to Emerson Cargnin, I found Google’s release notes for this security patch.  Please click here to find out what is new in this release.  This website should be further promoted by Google, since it includes valuable information about Chrome’s latest additions.

Source:  SoftSift – Sifting Through the Latest Software Releases

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome Updated to Version – Build 2200”

  1. Hi Emerson:

    I’ve been looking everywhere for information about the new release. No joy.

    I have a feeling it’s something under the hood related to vulnerabilities detected that could be used to steal your passwords and username. I read about that somewhere, but can’t remember where.

    Thank you for your comment.


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