You Can Now Change Your Google’s Chrome Skin

Google Inc.=
(Credit: Google Inc.)

In a very short time, Google’s Chrome has caught the attention of the software developers and hackers community. Lately, I’ve seen a Firefox’s extension that will make “The Fox” look very similar to Chrome. Even evil doers are burning the midnight oil coughing out computer codes to make Chrome an unsafe browser. Yesterday I wrote about a security patch released by Google to crush a couple of critical bugs. Yep, Chrome is in the limelight.

If you don’t like the soft blue color of Chrome, no problem. There are two more colors you can choose from: black and green. Hardworking hackers have released a tool to tweak the minimalistic browser dubbed, the “Automatic Theme Switcher” to change Chrome’s themes.

If you feel that baby blue doesn’t match your surfing mood, then please go ahead and download this cute little program by clicking here. The Automatic Theme Switcher is a free download for Windows only. Good luck!

Source: Automatic Theme Switcher Skins Google Chrome – Lifehacker Blog

5 thoughts on “You Can Now Change Your Google’s Chrome Skin”

  1. Thanks for the information.

    It’s not surprising to me that Google Chrome now has skin modification available. Google Chrome seems to be a hackers dream XD.

    1. Opera only has more skins because it’s older. Chrome has more for its age, and far better ones. And better functionality and personalisation. And intuitive navigation/

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