Google Chrome Beta Available for Download

Google Inc.)
(Credit: Google Inc.)

Determined to have a safe Web browser, Chrome’s Development Team has released a security patch identified as Version to crush a couple of critical vulnerability bugs.  This is a security and bug fix update, with no new functionality.

The first bug was discovered by a Vietnamese security company.  The bug is a buffer overflow that occurs if a user saves a Web page containing an overly long “title” tag, according to Bach Koa Internetwork Security (Bkis), based at the Hanoi Institute of Technology.  The problem can be exploited on PCs running Windows XP SP2 and Chrome version

The second security flaw was identified by researcher Aviv Raff.  He discovered that Chrome had a vulnerability due to its use of an outdated version of WebKit web browser engine. The vulnerability is known as the “carpet bombing” flaw, which can cause Windows to download a potentially dangerous JAR (Java archive) and execute it without warning users.

Chrome users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version. To do that, please go to the wrench icon located in the upper right hand corner of the browser and down to “About Google Chrome.” The browser will then check for an update. If there is one, Chrome will download it and ask to restart. The up-to-date version is

If for any reason above instructions don’t work, you can always manually download this latest security patch by clicking here.

I’m glad to see how Google has expeditiously released a security patch for Chrome as soon as they were aware that the browser was subject to malicious attacks.  Safety is one of their main concerns; the other one is speed.

Source:  Critical Vulnerability Patch in Google Chrome – PC World Business Center

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