Flock Social Browser Released Version 1.2.4

The Development Team of Flock Social Browser unveiled yesterday a stability and security patch identified as version 1.2.4.

What’s new in this release?:
  • Incorporated Mozilla’s patch for Firefox.
  • Better apostrophe encoding in status messages.
  • A fix for YouTube logout detection.
  • Turned on adult filtering for Truveo
Editions, localizations (including Flock’s latest translation to Japanese) and Automatic updates will be available in the next couple of days. There will be a Flock 1.2.5 sometime in early to mid August to move Flock over from Youtube’s soon to be deprecated API.

For the uninitiated let me say that Flock functions like a standard browser most of the time, with a few added functions that gear it toward social networking. Primarily, there’s the “My World” tab, which serves as an RSS reader and social aggregator, tracking recent changes made by users’ friends and colleagues on social networks. When a user visits a website that is recognized by Flock, the software prompts her to add it to the “My World” section of the browser.

The browser keeps track of changes to each social network, such as whether friends have added new pictures to their account on the photo-sharing website Flickr. A powerful blogging tool is also included in Flock that connects to most major blogging services, allowing for easy publishing.

A central theme running through all the utilities in Flock is the ability to share information with friends. In order to facilitate this, Flock employs a clipboard system that allows users to drag images, files, and website links onto a clipboard, and then share them with their friends through any of their social sites and supported Web-mail sites.

If you haven’t used this browser and would like to taste the flavor of a real social browser, I fully encourage you to take it for a whirl. If you decide it isn’t what you expected, you can always go back to your default browser. You have nothing to lose.

You can download Flock 1.2.4 by clicking here. Good Day!

Source: Flock Release Notes | Flock

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