Apple Safari Web Browser 3.1.2 Available for Download

Apple Inc. has reversed course and patched a bug in its Safari browser after security researchers showed how it could be used to run unauthorized software on a Windows computer.

The “carpet bomb” bug, which was originally discovered by security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani, was initially thought to be less serious than it turned out to be.  According to Dhanjani, Apple initially told him that it did not intend to fix the issue, but apparently the company has now changed its mind.

Apple fixed the issue in the 3.1.2 version of its Safari browser for Windows, which was released yesterday afternoon. This update addresses a total of four security issues in Safari, including bugs in the way Safari renders JavaScript arrays and handles the downloading of executable files.

It also fixes a less-critical issue in the way Safari renders Bitmap and Gif images, which could give attackers a peek at the memory of a victim’s computer, Apple said.  Yesterday’s update was for Windows computers only.   Apple has not yet released a 3.1.2 Safari update for the Mac.

If you are interested in upgrading to Safari 3.1.2, please click here.  Good Day!


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