Flock Remains in the Public Eye

Flock, the social web browser, has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately. First it received the prestigious 2008 Webby Award and now PC World has published a list of 2008 top products selected by its readers and editors and Flock was ranked number six on the list of a total of 100 products.

Even though Mozilla Firefox has a market share of approximately 18 percent, it occupied 21st place on the list followed by Apple Safari for iPhone. Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client also makes the list in the 42nd position.

I would like to explain that PC World’s annual list of the 100 best products, is a simple survey where everyone can vote and score as many technology products (hardware, software and services) in as many categories as he or she finds relevant.

Like in previous years, Firefox was running in the web browser and web feed reading sections in the software category. Flock also ran in the web browsers section but strangely neither Opera desktop nor Internet Explorer were listed.

In 2005, Firefox took the top spot following its November 2004 release. The next year, 2006, Firefox 1.5 grabbed 12th place remaining as the top voted web browser. Finally, last year, Firefox 2 slipped to place 35 but became the only web browser in the list.

Thunderbird runs in the email application only, but you could nominate and vote it for web feeds reader as well. Thunderbird was 28th in both, 2005 and the 2006 lists.

For your ready reference, these were the top ten products for 2008:

  1. Hulu (Review)
  2. Apple iPhone (Review)
  3. Facebook (Site)
  4. Microsoft Windows XP (Review)
  5. Lenovo ThinkPad X300 (Review)
  6. Flock (Review)
  7. Eye-Fi (Review)
  8. Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 (Video review)
  9. Harmonix Rock Band (Video review)
  10. Wikipedia (Site)

It is to be noted that Apple also made a splash in this survey. Several Apple products were also included in the list. Here they are:

  1. Apple iPod Touch
  2. Apple Mac OS 10.5 – Leopard
  3. Apple HD Cinema Display
  4. Apple MacBook Pro (Penryn)
  5. Apple Final Cut Studio 2
  6. Apple iChat
  7. Apple Logic Studio
  8. Apple iMac
  9. Apple TV Take 2
  10. Apple MacBook Air

As you are probably aware, my default web browser is Flock followed closely by Firefox. To the best of my knowledge, Flock is the only web browser around that integrates the most widely-used social services within its software plus Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and GMail.

As far as Apple is concerned, you already know that Apple is synonym of “Quality”. What else can I say? Good Day!

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