The Most Erogenous Place on the Body

The indentation in the middle of the area between the nose and the upper lip has a name. It’s called the philtrum (Greek philtron, from philein, “to love; to kiss”); also known as the “infranasal depression“, is the vertical groove in the upper lip, formed where the nasomedial and maxillary processes meet during embryonic development.

The philtrum allows humans to express a much larger range of lip motions that would otherwise be impossible, which enhances vocal and non-verbal communication.

Scientists have yet to figure out what is the purpose of this indentation, though the ancient Greeks used to believe that the philtrum was one of the most erogenous spots on the human body, hence the etymology.

Next time feel the “urge”, now you know the sweet spot where to deposit your impassioned kisses. Remember I told you so! 🙂

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