A Laptop Goldfinger Would Love

24 -Carat Gold-Plated Apple Mac Book Air

Over the years, I’ve known people so much in love with gold, they would do anything to get it. They are like hypnotized by its color and glitter. I remember a 1964 James Bond movie, dubbed Goldfinger, in which the villain—Auric Goldfinger—covered his women with gold paint and later boasted he “made love with gold”.

Like the Goldfinger of the movie, most wealthy people are obsessed with gold. Everything they own has to be covered with gold. That is the reason why a company by the name of Computer Choppers of West Linn, Oregon is customizing Apple laptops and Apple gadgets with 24 kt gold. The creator of this extravagant idea is Alex Wiley.

“For these things, I don’t even know if there is a good [market],” Wiley said. “This is a first for me, but I’m gearing up to get some more out.” Don’t worry Mr. Wiley, the market is out there. Just build it and they will come in swarms.

Apple’s thinnest creation has already been bathed in gold and crystals, but now Computer Choppers has decided to gold-plate the entire laptop with 24 kt gold. They even adventured to retouch the classic Apple logo with multi-colored sapphires—not to mention a polished gold SuperDrive to go along with it.

I have to say it’s great to look at, especially if you’re obsessed with gold! But I don’t see how this MacBook Air will be practical in anyway; would be too worried about damaging it or scratching it, never mind what goes on inside! Not to mention hiring an army of bodyguards and a Brinks armored truck just to take this jewel to work.

The MacBook Air in the picture is just a standard 13″/1.6ghz/2gb/80GB which costs at most $1,799 at any Apple Store, and even cheaper if you find it elsewhere like Amazon or e-Bay; but for a 24k gold plated one, you would be looking at $5,000. No big deal if you have deep pockets like uncle Goldfinger.

I wonder if a MacBook Air fully covered with 24-carat gold and a bejeweled version of the classic rainbow Apple logo would crunch numbers faster than my normal HP Pavilion t720m? Hmmmm…. Good Day!

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